Life is hard right now. I’ve been keeping up with my morning/evening lighting of the altar, and burnt offerings when feasible. Burnt offerings equal the compound incense I made recently. Once it has dried for another week or two there will be a small amount available in my shop. I’ll post a link when it’s all ready to go.

Dealing with emotional stress from various points. Finances are tight. My little family and I are exhausted. Much love goes to my non-corporeal family right now for being so supportive and awesome. Not that T/they are ever unsupportive, I’ve just been calling on T/them to help me a lot this past week. A lot as in multiple requests from me per hour, let alone per day. 

There are some spooky type Things going on that I’m not ready to share yet but it is at once fascinating and terrifying. When I have the spoons I’ll write about it.

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