Patheos: A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Njord and His Children

My newest post is up at Patheos (actually it went up on Friday, but it was a holiday weekend.) A Prayer of Thanks of Njord and His Children


Pop Culture Gods and Doctor Who

I’ve never shied away from pop culture representations of the Gods and Powers, I’ve just never really talked about it. I’m very new to the Doctor Who universe, so far though there’s a lot that matches my personal beliefs. Up to this point it was all very general, it changed today though with a bit that addressed how Hermes is to me a lot of the time. Often He is “The Lonely God” to me.

Novice Hame: Legend says that the Face of Boe has watched the Universe grow old. There’s all sorts of superstitions around him. One story says that just before his death the Face of Boe will impart his great secret. That he will speak those words only to one like himself.

The Doctor: What does that mean?

Novice Hame: It’s just a story.

The Doctor: Tell me the rest.

Novice Hame: It’s said he’ll talk to a wanderer. To the man without a home. The lonely god.

The Names of God; Hermes Edition

I’ve mentioned before that my practice of syncretism isn’t syncretism in the truest, dictionary definition of the word. I blend traditions in the sense that I recognize the same spark of a Deity across cultures. I blend by putting symbols, images, and items on my altar that tie to many versions of the same Deities. I do not blend in the sense of syncretism you will find in say, Gnosticism. It’s almost like genealogy. Building off that, as well as other “Names” resources, like the 99 names of God in Islam, I will be writing lists of names for the particular Deities in my life. Today’s list is my first Divine Spouse, the God that’s generally called Hermes these days.

Disclaimer: These posts will be VERY UPG heavy and a constant work in progress.

Edit: November 26 2015, removed Prometheus, there is a connection but not the same Person




Jesus Christ




God of the Dead

God of Tricksters and Theives


Ram Bearer


Divine Translator

Divine Wordsmith

Slayer of Oxen




The Wild King

The Hunter/Huntsman

The Green Prophet

The Wild King

Tears of the Hyades

Beautifully written piece.

Hermes the master of sacred lore reached down through the searing maiden flesh – muscle melting, fat dissolving, bones charring all around his invasive fingers – and drew the crying, seven-month fetus from his mother-tomb and the bed of water-plump ivy that had grown up around the god’s tiny body to shield him from his […]



So there is Someone prodding me to pay attention to Them. I may have mentioned before that Tolkien reads like history for me in the sense that it FEELS real. Not that I think I am any of the individual character’s. Thranduil caught my attention immediately. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read anything about him, I think it’s all movie stuff. Anyways, the beautiful creature that is the “real” Thranduil is making Himself known. He’s intoxicating. I thought it was Loki, but it’s not, but it is. Loki-not Loki. He seems very determined to have much more than a platonic friendship; I don’t mean that it’s sex He’s after, although He wouldn’t complain, but there is an intimacy that He seeks. Also He is most definitely one of the Good Neighbours, a Fae, an Elf. The kind I swore I would never interact with. Will keep you posted as things unfold.