I made sure to do little things throughout the day so as not to drain my batteries all at once. I paced myself well but still have after effects to deal with; This is due to mundane activities as well as spiritual. Cleaning and resetting of my main altar. I have homemade turkey soup from the Thanksgiving bird my Mother in Law made. Great for when you are feeling under the weather and apparently the Dead love the stuff too. I had some for lunch and left a cup on the altar for the Dead. My spouse decorated the front of our place, making sure to have an offering spot for me. He’s a good man and I am blessed to have him. I left a half smoked herbal cigarette and moved the soup out there. Before bed I left a special offering to the Spirits, those in my Family and those without family, and for the Good Folk. Local raw honey, whipping cream, and a splash of Canadian whiskey. They were quite pleased. I left a chocolate and almond candy on the altar. I will respectfully enjoy it later. The Gods and Spirits that I find myself surrounded by are much happier when I enjoy the offerings I give Them after letting it sit for a time. Some items are exempt, like the soup; Basically anything that can be safely left outside will be (liquids, food, etc), things that might cause health issues with the local critters isn’t, like chocolate.  I picked some of my beautiful orange ‘mums and left them on the altar. My Mother in Law recently told me they are a “funeral flower” which makes me love them all the more. I also leave a tea light lit in the window so the Dead can “find” me. I took my son for a wee bit of trick or treating and did my best to remain present with the Dead. 

What did you get up to for Samhain dear readers?



2 thoughts on “Samhain Offerings 2015

  1. I did nothing. Well, I slept. A lot. From exhaustion. Also everything on my altar fell over during the night of November 1st, my time. Nothing broke (almost everything is glass/ceramic) but the 9 day candles in glass are on their sides, several offering cups were on the sink beneath the windowsill the altar is on (how they DIDN’T break is beyond me) and I asked kiddo if he knew what happened and he said he had no idea (which I 100% believe). My best guess is that the cat jumped up there and knocked stuff over, except that in the 2 years or so that the altar has been there he has -never- done that, and there is nothing up there that he wants. So, weird?

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