The God Who generally likes to be called Hermes has been with me since childhood, since before this mortal life here. I can be a little slow on the uptake so it was only last year where I REALLY understood Who He was and is. My experience of the Wild Hunt last year with Him was very much on the sidelines. It was intense and scary and ecstatic but in comparison to this year it was like going to the zoo. You are surrounded by wild animals but they are securely locked behind bars. Hermes, himself, was very happy go lucky and care free. This year is very different.

I’ve gone from the zoo to a closed window safari, only issue being the windows won’t roll up. Meaning there is still protection between myself and the Otherworld and it’s denizens, but the training wheels are definitely off.

To make matters worse I got comfortable and lazy and took Him and Who He is for granted. I disrespected Him. I made a mistake, forgot some VERY important things. I’m already taking steps to rectify the issues and to avoid it happening in the future. This meant though that I was privy to His anger and His disappointment. I deal with neither of these things well.

His colours have changed from green and grey to blue and black(sometimes red). His eyes are a kaleidoscope of greens, the shades boiling and swirling, and yet His eyes are still human looking. His hair is shorter, wilder. He’s is my War Ceif, He is my Wild King. He scares me when He is like this, in the way an almost flooding river does.

Last year I complained about not being involved enough. Seems like He’s called me on that. I know He will keep me safe but it’s a terrifying and wild ride.m

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