I’ve never shied away from pop culture representations of the Gods and Powers, I’ve just never really talked about it. I’m very new to the Doctor Who universe, so far though there’s a lot that matches my personal beliefs. Up to this point it was all very general, it changed today though with a bit that addressed how Hermes is to me a lot of the time. Often He is “The Lonely God” to me.

Novice Hame: Legend says that the Face of Boe has watched the Universe grow old. There’s all sorts of superstitions around him. One story says that just before his death the Face of Boe will impart his great secret. That he will speak those words only to one like himself.

The Doctor: What does that mean?

Novice Hame: It’s just a story.

The Doctor: Tell me the rest.

Novice Hame: It’s said he’ll talk to a wanderer. To the man without a home. The lonely god.

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