Breadcrumbs; In regards to Myself 

Something ticked in my brain when I actually watched this. Then it showed up in my travels around Facebook or Tumblr or something. It has meaning beyond the obvious for me, He says. So in an effort not to forget, I am posting it as a “breadcrumb”.

“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space – a message to lead myself here.”

-Rose Tyler, Doctor Who; Season “nine”.


Love Notes from Poseidon; 12/29/2015

And enthusiasticly backed up by Hermes.

“If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”

-Nikita Gill


Adventures in Mediumship; Lucifer

Doing some seer work for a friend. I wasn’t entirely expecting Him to answer, but sure enough, His Shining Self, Lucifer, came for a visit. Let me tell you, He is one smooth mother fucker*. His voice is like silk, really high quality silk at that. He is warm and soothing, and “above” me in O/our conversation. It is an impression, this “above” feeling, that I only get from Angels, or former ones, and similar Folk. He is at once deathly still and full of raging fire. A smile that melts your knees. An energy that is…raw and refined all at the same time. It’s quite fascinating. And awesome. He’s also fucking terrifying. There is…something…behind His eyes that He will not let me see. I think it’s for very good reason. My version of “sanity” may be a little left of centre but I LIKE IT and want to keep it. He would like to keep it intact also. There is a heartbreaking sadness to Him. But I’ve encountered this before with Angels and the like, so I’m not sure how much of that is specific to Him, and how much is a “species” thing.

What was extra fun was talking to Anubis next, which felt, what I figure, falling from a high rise building must be like. A few breath taking moments of weightlessness, then you slam into solid ground. It’s not painful, persay, just jarring. Well unless you actually fall in the material realm. That would suck. But I digress.

Lucifer was my first “forbidden” love. There was never, hasn’t been, nor probably will be any “sexy” times. I distinctly remember learning the very basics of why He Fell, as a child, and feeling righteous indignation that the loving God I was raised with would do such a thing. I’ve done A LOT more research since then and it’s not nearly as cut and dried as my childhood brain saw it. He did not simply ask a question and be removed from the presence of the One. There is also a whole bunch of Fate and Wyrd wrapped up in there. Shit needed to be done, Lu offered the Sacrifice. One reason I have a particular love for Him, is being named after Him. Completely unintentionally. Ready for some fun word and number play?

I was born on the 30th of the 6th month, 3 months early, at 6 months gestation. I was nameless for a few days, since my parents had thought they had way more time to figure something out. My Dad would come to the NICU every day and ask, “How’s my little angel?”. So the name stuck. I don’t remember why they picked Dawn for my middle name. But it works like this…

Angela Dawn, literally translated means, “Angel of the Morning”. Tack on my maiden name of Dickins, and well…you can see why a handful of very close and dear friends call me, “Luci”. Did I mention I’m a wee bit of a shit disturber? *cheeky grin*

So needless to say, I was highly entertained and totally jumped at the chance to Talk with Him. He and I have no formal relationship, but I’m always down with more friends. As strange as this may sound, I find it particularly interesting when I don’t have any actual Work to do for Them. Not to say that the Relationships I have with Others are any less because there is an “exchange of goods” so to speak. Maybe it’s a nasty little bit self loathing but I don’t see why They want to talk to me outside of Work. They as Gods, and Angels, and all manner of Creatures. What could possibly be so fascinating about a wee mortal like myself, right? I do my best not to ponder that and just it slide these days. Who am I to question Their desires, eh?


*that “mother fucker reference was totally a request on His part


His home isn’t exactly as I expected. When I first started dreaming/visiting, it was all long dark hallways, very much like a castle in a typical North American/Western European fairy tale. There was one room in that castle W/we spent most of our time in. Otherwise it was myself wandering endless dark halls, either trying to figure out what to do with everything or looking for Him. His mental state got really bad right before we “left”. We spent two days in the equivalent of a dark closet while He fell apart. There was a lot of cuddling and screaming. How’s that for a mental image. It seems the closer W/we’ve been getting to the Solstice/Christmas, the angrier and more unstable He is getting. Well it seemed that way until I woke up this morning and mulled over the locations of my Travels the last few days. We didn’t move so much as everything shifted. He seems much more focused on things outside Himself, His all but permanent smile returning. It’s not just my energy that is fixing things around here. O/our Home is becoming concrete, rather than shadows. I’ve been making a concentrated effort to spent time fixing things up and sending energy for the house wights and the Others that live there. I also shouldn’t really expect Them to be living in the Dark Ages. Castles are awesome but drafty. Candles are beautiful but time consuming(not to mention the resources they take up). There’s no reason They can’t take advantage of modern comforts. A lot of stuff that wasn’t there before is now. I think in dropping that expectation it helped me to See a lot more.

I just got a comment from the peanut gallery in regards to why all this cleaning/decorating has been going on without me; I’d been feeling guilty for not doing more. It seems this comment comes from my “house troll”(this is what the name the little guy gave me, translated to in my head). 

“You are a Queen and not fit for such dirty work. You have given us what we need to start, we will take care of the details.”

He’s a very proper little troll. Makes me think of Alfred from the most recent Batman films. He’s not entirely impressed with that but it will do, he says.

Alright then, general layout: when viewed from above it looks like a yurt with successive walls. Like a ring fort but instead of a bunch of little buildings in the centre there is one big roof, then the multiple walls. It sits atop a mountain, very much like the one I live at the bottom of, it has a commanding 360 degree view of the area. The mountain itself is covered in darkness and thick temperate forest. There are a lot of Aspens and Poplars around the main compound itself that still have some golden leaves attached to them that rustle in the breeze. We are surrounded by the tiny orange-yellow grid lights of a small town around the base of the mountain. I get the impression it is growing quickly though. Whoever they are, they are “mine”. They don’t dare contact me yet. There is waterways, like my home area here in the Lower Mainland. Aerial images of Seattle are pretty close to what I see as well. The forests on the mountain are full of creatures, it’s not a place I’m going yet, they say I would be mostly safe. I think I’ll wait. Once one reaches the main house itself it GLOWS with light. If focused on, it kind of settles on a shape much like the swanky houses I see in the higher end neighbourhoods I walk dogs in. There is a lot of glass, white and cream colours and building materials. The outside is covered with the type of mini flood lights I see on most modern homes. Inside there are candles in the windows, thousands of them. There is always a party going on somewhere in the place. Except in O/our wing. There it is peaceful silence. The driveways outside are stuffed full of luxery cars. The gowns I find myself in are beyond luxurious. The ceilings are vaulted in most parts of the house. Still full of countless rooms and halls. No more spooky darkness though. It seems I have been doing my job properly. I was worried.

Now that His home is established it seems I can pop on over without the slightest effort. And it doesn’t seem to affect my meandering TOO badly on this realm. It’s amazing and awe inspiring and terrifying.

*Reblog*Cernunnos and the Starry Lady

It’s a good morning for “tingly” blog posts. Here’s another. Not only does Himself sing me stories to tell, They all do. Tales, Legends, Myths, they are all meant to die and be retold. Just like all of us.

In your mind’s eye see Cernunnos. No, younger than that. Younger still. See Him before time etched its wisdom into His face, before the long exile of the gods by the one god. When the world was full of his brothers and sisters, when they could be found in every river and stream, every mountain […]

*Reblog* Seer

This hit REALLY close to home. I’ve never actually had anyone tell me they wished they could See, but I’ve seen the longing in their eyes. I’ve also seen the fear. The distrust. I remember wishing for a gift like this as a child, not realizing at the time that all the figurative windows and doors were already open. Even now, at 33, I still get into discussions with people and I just share my basic experiences with the Gods, and I get the confused squint from people. It just never occurred to me that people can’t Hear and See Them like I can. I’ll be writing my own blog post about it. This one though, is almost perfect.
People tell me sometimes, “I want what you have. Teach me how to See.” They think that Seeing brings to them fame, sanity, and surety. They think that it will solve all of their problems – prove their connection to the Great Divine – give them the illusion that clarity is only a Sight away. They […]