So I haven’t seen Poseidon in months. It’s been a little odd. I miss Him very much. But I’m all gushy cuz Himself and all. (We won’t even get into the emotional baggage/PTSD type stuff that pops up from time to time, and only with M/men). He was so CONSTANT when it was my time with Him. So yeah, it’s been odd. Himself is here, most of the time, and is within almost instant range when He’s not. But I digress, that’s a whole other blog post. As mentioned, I’d been missing Him, and the last 48 hours have been a fucking gong show including ambulance ride with the toddler and a stay overnight at the hospital. Yeah. Anyway. 

A fed moments ago this happened:

Me:*hears a knock at the mental door, so to speak, trots on over and swings the door open without really paying much attention*

Poseidon: *in that delicious voice of His that’s a whisper and the ocean’s angry roar all at the same time*

Hello, love.

This is what greets me at the door 

Me:*gapes,blinks, grins* Uhm…

Poseidon:*laughs a knee melting laugh, cups my face in his hands and kisses me tenderly, and disappears*


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