This hit REALLY close to home. I’ve never actually had anyone tell me they wished they could See, but I’ve seen the longing in their eyes. I’ve also seen the fear. The distrust. I remember wishing for a gift like this as a child, not realizing at the time that all the figurative windows and doors were already open. Even now, at 33, I still get into discussions with people and I just share my basic experiences with the Gods, and I get the confused squint from people. It just never occurred to me that people can’t Hear and See Them like I can. I’ll be writing my own blog post about it. This one though, is almost perfect.
People tell me sometimes, “I want what you have. Teach me how to See.” They think that Seeing brings to them fame, sanity, and surety. They think that it will solve all of their problems – prove their connection to the Great Divine – give them the illusion that clarity is only a Sight away. They […]

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