Doing some seer work for a friend. I wasn’t entirely expecting Him to answer, but sure enough, His Shining Self, Lucifer, came for a visit. Let me tell you, He is one smooth mother fucker*. His voice is like silk, really high quality silk at that. He is warm and soothing, and “above” me in O/our conversation. It is an impression, this “above” feeling, that I only get from Angels, or former ones, and similar Folk. He is at once deathly still and full of raging fire. A smile that melts your knees. An energy that is…raw and refined all at the same time. It’s quite fascinating. And awesome. He’s also fucking terrifying. There is…something…behind His eyes that He will not let me see. I think it’s for very good reason. My version of “sanity” may be a little left of centre but I LIKE IT and want to keep it. He would like to keep it intact also. There is a heartbreaking sadness to Him. But I’ve encountered this before with Angels and the like, so I’m not sure how much of that is specific to Him, and how much is a “species” thing.

What was extra fun was talking to Anubis next, which felt, what I figure, falling from a high rise building must be like. A few breath taking moments of weightlessness, then you slam into solid ground. It’s not painful, persay, just jarring. Well unless you actually fall in the material realm. That would suck. But I digress.

Lucifer was my first “forbidden” love. There was never, hasn’t been, nor probably will be any “sexy” times. I distinctly remember learning the very basics of why He Fell, as a child, and feeling righteous indignation that the loving God I was raised with would do such a thing. I’ve done A LOT more research since then and it’s not nearly as cut and dried as my childhood brain saw it. He did not simply ask a question and be removed from the presence of the One. There is also a whole bunch of Fate and Wyrd wrapped up in there. Shit needed to be done, Lu offered the Sacrifice. One reason I have a particular love for Him, is being named after Him. Completely unintentionally. Ready for some fun word and number play?

I was born on the 30th of the 6th month, 3 months early, at 6 months gestation. I was nameless for a few days, since my parents had thought they had way more time to figure something out. My Dad would come to the NICU every day and ask, “How’s my little angel?”. So the name stuck. I don’t remember why they picked Dawn for my middle name. But it works like this…

Angela Dawn, literally translated means, “Angel of the Morning”. Tack on my maiden name of Dickins, and well…you can see why a handful of very close and dear friends call me, “Luci”. Did I mention I’m a wee bit of a shit disturber? *cheeky grin*

So needless to say, I was highly entertained and totally jumped at the chance to Talk with Him. He and I have no formal relationship, but I’m always down with more friends. As strange as this may sound, I find it particularly interesting when I don’t have any actual Work to do for Them. Not to say that the Relationships I have with Others are any less because there is an “exchange of goods” so to speak. Maybe it’s a nasty little bit self loathing but I don’t see why They want to talk to me outside of Work. They as Gods, and Angels, and all manner of Creatures. What could possibly be so fascinating about a wee mortal like myself, right? I do my best not to ponder that and just it slide these days. Who am I to question Their desires, eh?


*that “mother fucker reference was totally a request on His part

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Mediumship; Lucifer

  1. I enjoy hearing about people’s interactions with My Guys. It’s interesting how similar the interactions are even when They’re being seen through different lenses. I think my favorite part is when you described His smile, because it’s very accurate.

      1. Like He needs the ego boost. *eye roll + grin* There’s a reason He’s one of my Loves. He’s very lovable.
        What other Angels have you run into, if you don’t mind me asking?

      2. Michael is my portable space heater.
        Gabriel is probably my favorite of the archs. Y’know. Besides my space heater. (I’ve been giving Mish shit all day) *poker face*

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