Checking In

I’m too tired and in too much pain to write out a second post right now. The post below from my chronic illness blog applies to my quietness here as well.


*Reblog*The Princess Path

Disclaimer:  Though I use the terms Princess, Queen and priestess throughout this post, please do understand that I mean also Prince, King, Regent and priest. There is no gender bias here.  Look elsewhere for gender bias.  Thank you. I have seen so many memes dissing Princesses recently that I just can not hold my tongue […]

*Reblog*On faith, the gods, and the nature of reality

Those of us who have fairly consistent communication with the gods, in whatever form that takes, can sometimes take for granted our rather astonishing level of interaction with the divine, relying too much on our ability to experience entities that are – for many sincere worshippers – more often than not silent, invisible and mysterious. So […]

*Reblog*Anticipation and Restlessness…

…A Message From Apollon, to a Particular Person… “Life is transient.  Time, for you, is finite.  You wonder where it all leads?  Why not to enjoyment?  Is that not a worthy enough goal in the life of one so torn between the Worlds?  There will be enough Work after your passing. Now, live.  Just live.  You […]

The Weight of The Dead.


I adore this necklace. I’ve had it the equal armed cross for a good twenty years. I just had the skulls and such added about a year ago. I’ve been wearing it almost non stop when I leave the house. About half way through the day I find myself thinking, “FUCK this is heavy!”. To which I ALWAYS get His reply, “The Dead are Heavy.”. This last week He has added, “The Dead are Heavy, I need your help.”.

So I do my best to help my Love carry the weight of the world and The Dead.