I’ve never experienced, what I would call, real flooding. I’ve seen my local creek go from an inch or two deep, to a raging torrent that could very easily kill me. I’ve watched, with a mix of excitement and dread as smaller rivers around me, like the Serpentine in Surrey(BC, Canada)reached the very top of Their levies. What I have witnessed is all second hand, although as I write this there is a very old memory of being in the general area of Sumas(Washington, USA) and trying to get home through minor flooding. Still, nothing that devastated me directedly. I can totally relate to and share the feeling of horror at how They are caged. My Fraser River is forced into shape, I’ve been to Their source in The Crow’s Nest Pass, put my feet and hands into the waters. There They are not much bigger than my Creek, here near my home They are massive. I ramble though, please read and enjoy.

Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Waters. Hail Himself, Master of the Universal Conduit.
We in Columbia aren’t experiencing the massive flooding that’s hit around the state at a devastating rate that in some places is surpassing the floods of 93, which I’m old enough to remember very clearly. I haven’t been out to see where the Missouri River is at.  I almost can’t bring myself to even think […]


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