Poseidon returns early it seems. Or more I return to Him. Or He’s rolling out the welcome mat? I wasn’t expecting this until May. I’m not entirely surprised, Hermes has been dropping hints since January. This morning as I left the house the roar of wind through the trees greeted me. It reminded me of time spent at the family cabin, outside of Sumas , Washington. That sound is completely connected to it. The rain came sideways. It wasn’t overly cold.

There Poseidon was, all of a sudden. Hello dear.

I kinda feel like a jerk since my next thought was, Where is Hermes?.

Poseidon just smiled and took a step back while I sorted things out. I got a hold of Himself on what I have dubbed the God CB Radio. He wasn’t Home, but He hasn’t really been Home since February. He’s sort of been dodging the question of whether He is GONE gone. He didn’t REALLY give me an answer this day either. I panicked slightly and quickly “astralled” myself to O/our Home and sure enough His presence was gone. The equivalent of Him packing His bags and leaving. After walking through the empty House and outside I stood there, just looking at it’s dark facade. Except O/our room which still had lights on. I felt upset that He had gone without me there to wish Him off, I can’t say I’m overly surprised though. Poseidon came close again, hands gentle on my shoulders, telling me I could come back to His…O/our home now. May 1st is still technically “moving day”. Hermes told me I could go, He would not be upset. I’m still undecided. Poseidon stayed with me all day, the storm literally raging around me since I work outside mostly. He permeated everything.

Hail Poseidon, my Lord of Storms. I’ve missed You.

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