Hail and welcome! Blessings of the Ancestors and the Gods be upon you.

Updated September 29th 2015
Mini update June 6th, 2016

The simple description right now is “It’s complicated!”.

My practice and beliefs are somewhat syncretic in the sense that all religion and belief systems are related in some way. I see the same Divine Person with many names. You will see me say things like, “The God Who likes to be called [insert name here]”. Sometimes They want to be called something else. I can see Their influence translated through the individuals in different places and times. For one group a certain God would have been called Poseidon, in more Northern climates He was seen as Njord. So on and so forth. I’ll try to draw out a table of some sort one day. In this sense I’m a Polytheist. 

To complicate things, I believe that there was/is The One God. There is a base primal force in the universes and realities that is all of us and Them all together. The One is Many and the Many are One. So I’m kind of a Monotheist too.

Edit June 6th, 2016:
**Specifically in regards to things LDS, I can no longer call myself a Mormon.
I am a baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (Try that hat on for size!). And Who was it that pushed me in THAT direction? Hermes.

Yeah I generally don’t understand it myself but it works and it makes me happy. I’m not a syncretist in the sense that I fully blend practice, I try to keep the cultures separate except in cases of obvious archeological evidence. I suppose it’s my beliefs that blend.

Like I said. Complicated.

But wait! There’s more! Which I will get to in the near future. It’s time for sleep.

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