He Is Many Things

He Is Many Things

Sometimes he is wind and darkness.

Sometimes a light so bright you cannot see.

He is fire and water.

He is the wolf and the dragon.

One and a Twin.

Things are very “Manannan” right now. It kinda slipped my mind that it was time for Them to Switch. Well far past time, the Switch is generally around Beltaine (May 1st-ish). The Other stuck around longer then usual, it’s only been since about the middle of June that He “left”. I’ve yet to figure out if the two of Them are two different aspects of the same God, or REALLY are two different Gods, Divine Twins, who are so similar and work so closely together that it’s almost impossible to tell where One ends and the Other begins.

*photo from a Google search for ” Jason Mamoa Aquaman”, cuz my Gods like to use modern imagery quite often



I asked for clarification on my path/studies the day before yesterday. I have since dreamed of literally going down into darkness for the third time. Last night I dreamt of being a “death talker” and the dream involved “taking in” the Spirits of the Dead so they could speak. There were also dogs again in the dream about going down into the Earth, into Darkness. Last night while poking around Pinterest when I couldn’t sleep I had suggestions for Nantosuelta and Sucelles. On Facebook this morning I came across a photograph of mushrooms growing from a deer skeleton. Will need to ponder a bit before I take any actions in regards to the Dead. Will be poking into Gaulish things and say hello again to The Mother of Rot.

Comments from the page Magic Mushrooms that posted it:

Interesting… It looks like whatever this deer was eating, most likely plant matter of sorts, had mushroom spores on it, ended up germenating inside the deers stomach, then fruited after the deer had died and decayed.
Photo courtesy of Lain Haigh.

This might also be of note, a couole weeks ago I first noticed that White Wings was back in the area. She(could be a he for all I know) was born or appeared about three years ago. I’m not sure if I don’t see her during the warmer months because she actually goes somewhere or if I’m just too busy to actually see her. She is a crow with white flight feathers and a mostly white tail. I managed to get some pictures, not the best quality but not too bad in regards to cell phone pictures. 

Crom Cruach: The Dark God of the Burial Mound. — Unchaining The Titan. *Reblog*

Yeah…just gonna leave this here…


A better man than I has said elsewhere: “Crom is my god…Crom is the god I need because he is the opposite of the interventionist gods who care about the petty details of men’s lives. You don’t pray to him, because he probably won’t listen, and if he hears you, he probably won’t even pretend […]

via Crom Cruach: The Dark God of the Burial Mound. — Unchaining The Titan.

The Voices In My Head

Found this article on the Proto-Indo-European language. I’ve heard something like this in my head since I was a child. I hear it in my dreams. It gave me chills. You can listen to the story below and find the article here.

Here’s the translation of the story (which may sound familiar to people who watched the movie Prometheus):

A sheep that had no wool saw horses, one of them pulling a heavy wagon, one carrying a big load, and one carrying a man quickly. The sheep said to the horses: “My heart pains me, seeing a man driving horses.” The horses said: “Listen, sheep, our hearts pain us when we see this: a man, the master, makes the wool of the sheep into a warm garment for himself. And the sheep has no wool.” Having heard this, the sheep fled into the plain.


Mother Morrigan whispered to me, was it today? Perhaps yesterday? My sense of time is terrible at the best of times. I digress though, She whispered to me, as I looked at the gorgeous new black with red flower dishware my hubby(the mortal one) bought us recently. 

“Hard times are coming My child.”

Sometimes when She speaks She reminds me of how black Southern women are sometimes portrayed. (She shifts into Voodoo/Houdou quite easily for me). Child came out more like “chile”.

Her wings are strong and bear me up.

“There’s a storm coming chile…

She’s straight out of New Orleans now.

Well the storm hit about an hour ago. I’m hoping I can stop crying now. I may or may not share details since it’s really super private personal stuff. But yeah. There has been much ugly but quiet crying. I LOATHE CRYING. Now my sinuses are plugged and my eye balls feel like they might pop out of my head from the sinus pressure. Ugh. All will be well, nothing life threatening going on or anything. Just some heavy emotional shit going on right now.

Thank You, Mother, for the warning. Thank You for holding me in this storm.

It Begins…

It’s officially October; This marks the beginning of “busy season” for me. My spiritual calendar gets very full and every year there are more tidbits to add. This will probably result in a lot of random chatter from me as I try to keep things under control. 

Today is also the first day of a festival for Apollo. Day One is purification. I’ll be having a shower shortly. I may also start a batch of compound incense I’ve been planning for the Dead.

There will be posts on Sacred Queenship coming up as well as my thoughts on being a “wild bride” to Hermes. Bits about The Hunt and how it’s different this year. 

To give you some perspective, my busy season here lasts at least to January.