A Welcome

I’ve been a little melancholy since we moved. Our home is facing a totally different direction so the constellations are entirely new.  The other heavenly bodies are in different places. I haven’t heard coyotes in almost two months. Last night though, I heard one clearly, near our place. There was one who answered, muffled,  from a distance. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them. How much I’ve been missing Him. I almost burst into tears. 



I asked for clarification on my path/studies the day before yesterday. I have since dreamed of literally going down into darkness for the third time. Last night I dreamt of being a “death talker” and the dream involved “taking in” the Spirits of the Dead so they could speak. There were also dogs again in the dream about going down into the Earth, into Darkness. Last night while poking around Pinterest when I couldn’t sleep I had suggestions for Nantosuelta and Sucelles. On Facebook this morning I came across a photograph of mushrooms growing from a deer skeleton. Will need to ponder a bit before I take any actions in regards to the Dead. Will be poking into Gaulish things and say hello again to The Mother of Rot.

Comments from the page Magic Mushrooms that posted it:

Interesting… It looks like whatever this deer was eating, most likely plant matter of sorts, had mushroom spores on it, ended up germenating inside the deers stomach, then fruited after the deer had died and decayed.
Photo courtesy of Lain Haigh.

This might also be of note, a couole weeks ago I first noticed that White Wings was back in the area. She(could be a he for all I know) was born or appeared about three years ago. I’m not sure if I don’t see her during the warmer months because she actually goes somewhere or if I’m just too busy to actually see her. She is a crow with white flight feathers and a mostly white tail. I managed to get some pictures, not the best quality but not too bad in regards to cell phone pictures. 

Flora and Fungi, October 8th 2015

Autumn is here in full force, a bit warmer then usual but the rains have returned and the leaves are turning quickly now. I adore mushrooms, my Mother-In-Law is taking me mushroom picking in a couple weeks. I happily gobble up her knowledge and she is overjoyed to share this skill that she truly loves. It’s a family thing, her Dad took her as a child in Poland. Anyway, I digress, enjoy the photo’s!


Wildlife Sightings-September 16th 2015

Today was a good day for creature sightings. Along the Burnaby/New Westminster border. I expect to see the Northern Flickers, Crows, Sparrows, and Chicadees. I did not expect the Coyote directly across the lane from my son and I(and the two dogs I was walking), or the two grey Doves a few blocks before that. Always cheers me too see creatures in the city, let alone unusual birds and wild dogs.


I’ve been shirking some of my Duties lately at home and how I honour it and my Gods. It has become stagnant. There are a few things I’ve done but tonight I set out with sacred intent, not just cleaning because it’s messy. I have a passionate love for plants and as far as house plants go African Violets/Gesneriads and Orchids are my particular favourites. My collection of violets has been severely neglected. Almost all of them have sprouted babies and all need to be re-potted. I started the first step by treating them with more respect. I cleaned the dead and marked leaves and any wilted flowers, the repotting itself will have to happen a bit later, I need soil. Each now has a saucer or ceramic pot that they sit in, no more makeshift tin foil dishes. Cleaned the window sill and shelf they sit on and got most of the window itself washed. All house plants were watered. Tomorrow I will spray them with fertilizer. Over the last couple weeks I’ve also been getting reacquainted with my container gardens. The Higher Ups are pleased.

It’s A Hermes Kind Of Day

This was written earlier today. I was going to finish with how the rest of my day went but I’m all out of spoons. So enjoy the blurb!
Hermes is my companion today. In the first 40 minutes of my day I was greeted by sparrows and crowd, had a Northern Flicker fly about 10 feet in front of me for a good block. I’ve missed Him. The last few Retrogrades have been times of rest and reflection. I honestly can’t recall if He was here or somewhere else during the last two in recent memory. It’s a long day ahead. Lots of dogs to walk. New sports bra to try out, hehe! More unseasonably warm weather, it was 14C at 6am. The river at the last walk of the day will be very welcome. I had that walk added late last night. It’s the same place I did my marriage to Poseidon. I guess He would like a specific visit as well.