A Welcome

I’ve been a little melancholy since we moved. Our home is facing a totally different direction so the constellations are entirely new.  The other heavenly bodies are in different places. I haven’t heard coyotes in almost two months. Last night though, I heard one clearly, near our place. There was one who answered, muffled,  from a distance. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them. How much I’ve been missing Him. I almost burst into tears. 


New Years Eve 2015-16

Our New Year’s Eve involved interrupting what appeared to be petty thieves, trying to get into one of the townhouses across the fire lane. Which then involved talking with the strata guy, R filing a report with the RCMP, and lending plyer’s to the strata guy to fix the broken mailboxes. The postman had left the bottom set of boxes on the ground because a key had been broken off in one of the locks. No one had reported it. So he got the broken key out and returned the plyer’s. R and I were both keyed up after this, so much “busy work” was had. The little guy was oblivious and was just overjoyed to be awake so late. It was nice to have all the family together for new year’s,  even Himself.