Deep Thoughts – Creator God(s)

Deep thoughts on science and religion. I’ve always been in the habit of mixing science and spirituality. Mythology is generally the mortal attempt to explain and understand the infinite. Man created the Gods by giving them names and stories and faces since it can be difficult to relate on a personal level to a glowing ball of light. Or a presence so immense as to be infinite. Generally speaking most Gods were human before they were Gods. Ancestor worship on a grand scale.

I seem fixated on the death of the Creator God sometimes. It usually manifests itself in the story of Ymir. I am quite certain the Creator has been destroyed…that They are Dead…but since time is not linear, and the nature of energy is to change, not actually be destroyed, the Creator is still with us but also still in Their original form. As my good friend at Foxglove and Firmitas said to me once, “Welcome to Camp Yes/No!”. This quote works for so many things, but I digress. This interest manifests in a scientific sense for me as The Big Bang and practices of the scientific methods like the Loss on Ignition. There is always something lost in the change. Much matter was destroyed in The Big Bang’s ignition but a lot was created. And since not all of the Creator was destroyed, that energy is still with us, in us, around us. But They are diminished. 

Science has been weaving nicely into my spirituality lately. It feels right and more in depth and well rounded, to have myth and science coincide. This also happens when I find more tid bits of history, archeology, and that sort of info too. I’ve just been watching a lot of science shows with my son lately so it’s something I’ve had the chance to think about.

There will be more science and spirituality posts! 


The Master

Uhm…so…there was a huge bombshell dropped in my spiritual life last night. I can’t quite put it into words right now but to quote the Mystery Man, “Poseidon lost the coin toss this year.”
So apparently I DON’T spend the next six months with my other Husband? I get “The Wolf God” instead? Poseidon is all sitting over in His castle, smiling all sweetly at me, “Have fun!”.
*so fucking confused*

A Quick Visit 

A Quick Visit 

So I haven’t seen Poseidon in months. It’s been a little odd. I miss Him very much. But I’m all gushy cuz Himself and all. (We won’t even get into the emotional baggage/PTSD type stuff that pops up from time to time, and only with M/men). He was so CONSTANT when it was my time with Him. So yeah, it’s been odd. Himself is here, most of the time, and is within almost instant range when He’s not. But I digress, that’s a whole other blog post. As mentioned, I’d been missing Him, and the last 48 hours have been a fucking gong show including ambulance ride with the toddler and a stay overnight at the hospital. Yeah. Anyway. 

A fed moments ago this happened:

Me:*hears a knock at the mental door, so to speak, trots on over and swings the door open without really paying much attention*

Poseidon: *in that delicious voice of His that’s a whisper and the ocean’s angry roar all at the same time*

Hello, love.

This is what greets me at the door 

Me:*gapes,blinks, grins* Uhm…

Poseidon:*laughs a knee melting laugh, cups my face in his hands and kisses me tenderly, and disappears*


He is so present today. So HERE. The atmosphere around me is heavy with His presence. We had some VERY intense devotional time. I wish I had a word for what it is w/We do; This isn’t specific to Poseidon but to most of the Gods and Creatures I Work with. It’s like meditation, journaling, “daydreaming”, vision questing (when I have the available herbs) and oracle work all rolled into one. I’m not sure how much of our conversation I’m going to share yet. Like I said, intense. He is everything and nothing like I expected. Between that, cleaning/packing, family fun time (which is amazing and I love it but eats up so many spoons), and the adventure that is getting my child to bed I am utterly spent. There were a few revelations though that totally sent me for a loop. There will be posts. Sleep well my friends.


I’m feeling very emotionally raw today. My empathic senses are on full blast. I don’t think I’ve done this much deep breathing since I was in labour with my son. I hate days like this, I feel fragile like glass.