Hermes Shrine Box

I promised Hermes a permanent shrine once we moved. That was in May. I’ve been thinking about it a lot but was, admittedly, procrastinating.

An opportunity to provide a ritual service for Him on behalf of another presented itself. Through that service I aquired this beautiful wooden shrine box in gratitude. I am overwhelmed by this gift.

I finally felt that it was time to light it up. It was a very rough day on every possible level. My Beloved Psychopomp was very close to me today. I felt His warm hands upon my heart.

I sing the praises of my Beloved Hermes. May His name forever be spoken. May His grace touch us all.


Winter Solstice 2016

Didn’t do anything fancy this year. I’m recovering from a csection and taking care of my four year old and my almost four week old. I did manage to get some cleaning done and make real dinner. Lit a candle in the small shrine earlier and just put out a saucer of butter, milk, and oats. I am thankful for the darkness and for the returning light.

Uncensored Altar

In all the photo’s I’ve ever shared the altar has been immaculate. Everything dusted and places just so. In real life it only looks like that for about a week. Then the odds and ends of actually living my Path start to accumulate.

Jars of herbs and resins to be burned, charcoal wrapped in foil, the dirty tongs I use to light the charcoal, the ashes I spill. Combine what I call a working or living altar(this meaning one that is used not just up show or not to be disturbed like a shrine), with work and family life and things get messy. 

I’m not exactly happy about it’s current state. As soon as I can save up a spoon it will be cleaned. It takes a good 45 minutes since I clean the mirror and treat the wood with spray cleaner/protector. I’ve had the armour since I was about seven years old.


**FULL**ORACLE CALL – October 2015


All three spots have been filled.
Issueing my monthly call for oracle requests.

How it works:

  • The first three people to message me at answersfromthemists at gmail dot com will be chosen. This is first come first serve.
  • As this is a free reading offered in reverence of Apollo and Hecate, a single question and one follow up question is permitted. If you want an in depth reading please message the same email address for pricing.
  • Any and all are welcome to submit a question, regardless of their personal religious/spiritual leanings.
  • I reserve the right to refuse service.

That being said I look forward to hearing from you!

It Begins…

It’s officially October; This marks the beginning of “busy season” for me. My spiritual calendar gets very full and every year there are more tidbits to add. This will probably result in a lot of random chatter from me as I try to keep things under control. 

Today is also the first day of a festival for Apollo. Day One is purification. I’ll be having a shower shortly. I may also start a batch of compound incense I’ve been planning for the Dead.

There will be posts on Sacred Queenship coming up as well as my thoughts on being a “wild bride” to Hermes. Bits about The Hunt and how it’s different this year. 

To give you some perspective, my busy season here lasts at least to January. 

Conversation Notes – September 20th 2015

  • I want to peel back all the layers and find the original simple worshipping
  • I need more deep lizard brain ritual, it’s why I gravitate towards ‘old’ religions
  • When I stumble across ritual that works for me there is this feeling I get deep inside, it’s a primordial thing. Like genetic memory.
  • That’s why I dig for the roots of ritual
  • I look for the one simple act that someone did so long ago that we’ve forgotten it even happened but it’s still there in my cells. Like the instinct for water.
  • Like baptism
  • A now sometimes complicated act that can essentially be traced back to birth. If that makes sense.
  • Or ‘fear’ based respect for the Divine. It’s fearful because It can kill you.
  • I adore bears and deeply respect them, I’m also terrified of them for damn good reasons. They can kill and eat me. Probably won’t, but you never really know.