Return of the King

Sometimes I forget what it’s like to touch a God. With working on the Odin Contract the last year I did not spend much time with Hermes. He would flit in and out, as is his way, but he wasn’t as present as he has been over the last few years. I miss that closeness with him. Odin and the group that has come with him, they feel different. Hermes is Hermes. As always. “I am.” he says with that smirk. I thought I needed to write another contract with Odin but I realized as I was writing this that it isn’t necessary. They aren’t going anywhere. They are Family now.

It seems, in light of this, that Hermes is able to come back around more often. It’s nice to just be able to reach out and feel him there. It’s kind of like I’ve been busy with school, living on campus, and now I’ve moved back home. It’s where I want and need to be but there is some teenage-esque awkwardness. Some readjustment to a space and presence I have muscle memory of. Hermes thinks it’s cute.

I am currently recovering from open hernia repair so my non-corporeal friends are just hanging out for now. It’s not the kind of silence that was around me during pregnancy but there is a definite sense of quiet. I’m impatient to dive back into my spiritual life, a lot has been on hold since I’ve been waiting for this surgery. I hope to be making more regular posts as I heal.

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The Menfolk are confusing these days. Himself is still here-nothere, there are moments where I can almost feel Him and then poof! He’s gone. I’m thinking this may be part of His nature and I will have to suck it up and deal with it. Not too often though I hope. Blarg.

Odin says hello almost every day. This last week I even had the pleasure of seeing actual eagles. Most people associate Ravens with Him and while I do, I connect them more strongly with An Morrigan and Himself. I guess it’s more that Eagles are specific to Him while the other is shared. He’s been my rock this week…of two weeks? Things are pretty intense on the temporal front so yeah. His support is much appreciated.

I’ve also seen a couple of Herons, Great Blue Herons to be exact. Those I definitely associate with Himself and the whole liminal thing in general. I was prompted to pick up a small pot of crocus for Himself. Note the type in the photo. I see what you did there Mister.

Ares(*cough*Thor*cough*) is otherwise indisposed…ahem…it’s all the SisterWife’s fault.

Poseidon is back. Being very…Uhm…friendly. The rains are pretty intense here right now. Another “Pineapple Express” blowing through. It’s warm, 7-12C, and large volumes of rainfall. His closeness is unnerving but oh so comfy. This coming from someone terrified of open water, tsunami’s and earthquakes. I’ve always loved the water though. Either way, I ramble, I left out an offering of milk, honey and an Ambrosia apple (ha,ha…just realized that now). I asked for the storms to be gentle while I was out walking today. It barely rained. When I stepped off the train to finish the route home the skies OPENED and I got soaked but that’s alright. While I was thinking about the waters and Poseidon and such I told Whoever was listening that I would have to thank Them personally when I figured out exactly Who they were. A short while ago Poseidon showed up all like this. Oh hi…




**Feeling less confused and overwhelmed but sharing this post anyways. I wrote it might as well share it.

There’s so many People about these days and I’m feeling so confused and overwhelmed. Frustrated.

I have Studies that I am supposed to be pursuing. A lot of them. Celtic based ones for my Druid Apprenticeship, which I still consider a valid area of training even though I rarely work with Insular Celtic Deities these days. I have Greek studies for Himself, even though He has shown me what feels like countless faces and names for Himself over the past couple months. Included are studies for Hekate. And possibly Ares. And Poseidon. See what I mean? That’s not even touching on the inundation of Northern (Norse/Icelanic) Things!!!

*brain explosion*

And then there’s material life to deal with. Work, Christmas(of the secular and religious variety), random weather patterns that all but keep me in bed(yay chronic illnesses!). So yeah.

*hides in a corner behind a plant.


Something is coming. I can feel it. There is a vibration in the air. I’m guessing the coming solstice has something to do with it but there is something else and I can’t place it. Freyja wants me to cut my hair but I don’t know exactly why yet. Something to do with Seidr.

I’m so confused right now. Just a month or so ago I was ordered requested to learn all things Greek and Roman for my Beloveds aspect as Hermes/Mercury. But I’ve been whisked away to the North. I think Thor may have had something to do with it. And I think it involves my SisterWife.