Sometimes you don’t really understand the signs, until they hit you in the face. Or the ground liquefies between your feet.


And you can’t believe you’ve been so blind.


All will be well.


I’ve learnt to swim.


I asked for clarification on my path/studies the day before yesterday. I have since dreamed of literally going down into darkness for the third time. Last night I dreamt of being a “death talker” and the dream involved “taking in” the Spirits of the Dead so they could speak. There were also dogs again in the dream about going down into the Earth, into Darkness. Last night while poking around Pinterest when I couldn’t sleep I had suggestions for Nantosuelta and Sucelles. On Facebook this morning I came across a photograph of mushrooms growing from a deer skeleton. Will need to ponder a bit before I take any actions in regards to the Dead. Will be poking into Gaulish things and say hello again to The Mother of Rot.

Comments from the page Magic Mushrooms that posted it:

Interesting… It looks like whatever this deer was eating, most likely plant matter of sorts, had mushroom spores on it, ended up germenating inside the deers stomach, then fruited after the deer had died and decayed.
Photo courtesy of Lain Haigh.

This might also be of note, a couole weeks ago I first noticed that White Wings was back in the area. She(could be a he for all I know) was born or appeared about three years ago. I’m not sure if I don’t see her during the warmer months because she actually goes somewhere or if I’m just too busy to actually see her. She is a crow with white flight feathers and a mostly white tail. I managed to get some pictures, not the best quality but not too bad in regards to cell phone pictures. 

*Reblog*On the River and the Flooding

I’ve never experienced, what I would call, real flooding. I’ve seen my local creek go from an inch or two deep, to a raging torrent that could very easily kill me. I’ve watched, with a mix of excitement and dread as smaller rivers around me, like the Serpentine in Surrey(BC, Canada)reached the very top of Their levies. What I have witnessed is all second hand, although as I write this there is a very old memory of being in the general area of Sumas(Washington, USA) and trying to get home through minor flooding. Still, nothing that devastated me directedly. I can totally relate to and share the feeling of horror at how They are caged. My Fraser River is forced into shape, I’ve been to Their source in The Crow’s Nest Pass, put my feet and hands into the waters. There They are not much bigger than my Creek, here near my home They are massive. I ramble though, please read and enjoy.

Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Waters. Hail Himself, Master of the Universal Conduit.
We in Columbia aren’t experiencing the massive flooding that’s hit around the state at a devastating rate that in some places is surpassing the floods of 93, which I’m old enough to remember very clearly. I haven’t been out to see where the Missouri River is at.  I almost can’t bring myself to even think […]

The Dead – 2015

*Started writing this on the 31st of October

It is not just the Dead who I loved as family that are remembered today. I have been tasked with the “care and feeding” of Others. Hear their names and we bear witness.

For the Dead whose physical forms have never been found, Dead who have no one to care for them, unnamed Dead such as still births, suicides (particularly those related to mental illness), the “unsavoury” Dead such as theives and criminals.

I also call to the non-human Dead. Spirits of water and wood, extinct animals, fungi, plant life, mammal, insect, Spirit Dead.

A Blending of Worlds

I was down at the Coquitlam River for the first time in a few months today. Had a nice walk and then sat in one of my favourite spots under the bridge for Lougheed Highway. I lit a candle and a stick of Nag Champa. It tooka couple tries to get the rock shelter right so the candle wouldn’t go out, there was a slight breeze. As I sat and meditated a small dark grey bird came over. I’ve seen this little bird before but still haven’t figured out what type it is. It looked like a perching bird but was bobbing about in the water like a duck, walking around in the shallows and even going under water and using its wings to propel itself short distances. It was eating little worms and tiny fish. Poseidon had come to stand behind where I was sitting. Hermes was there in voice only. Poseidon accepted my offerings of candle and incense and asked me to clean up some of the garbage as I left. This is to be a new Thing for me, cleaning shorelines when I am able. As I watched the bird, Hermes spoke and reassured me that there was no animosity between Himself and Poseidon and that just like the bird, the three of us would work on my travelling between and through the different Worlds. Also, during my walk, a black butterfly with an orange/white stripe on its wings flitted about me for a few minutes. It was a great day.


So after my big love fest over Poseidon yesterday morning, Himself felt the need to reassert His awesomeness. While out I had crows and a large hawk greet me as I got off the train. Near the end of my outing a raven appeared in the trees beside me and croaked at me before flying over to a large tree and serenaded me for a bit longer. I left an offering of seeds and nuts at the base of the tree. Beside the tree was a path that led to a little clearing with blooming crocus. It was breathtaking and filled me with love.

Old but Unfamiliar Territory 

There are some major shifts happening in my Spiritual life right now. I don’t have to words yet to explain it fully yet. It seems my visit to the North has been interrupted by what is apparently a home coming in the Mediterranean. Odin still checks in every few days, I will see eagles flying above me. Today there was a raven sitting on a road sign as we sped down the highway, things slowed in my head as we drove by, the raven was clear in my sight. That was Himself saying He is with me. He is busy but I do not feel separated from Him like before. I saw two hawks, I believe one very well could have been a Peregrine Falcon. The other was that brownish-red like Golden Eagles have. It is Freya that I associate with those birds. I feel Her often when traveling out that direction which happens to be where we will more then likely be moving in the next six months. Poseidon has become a figure. A constant support. He is very comforting and warm and loving. He can also be a bit scary and abrupt. Go figure though, God of the Waters and all. King of Storms. I don’t quite have the words to explain what’s going on there yet either. Either way things are good but new and scary and it sometimes makes my head hurt.

Birds of Omen

There have been SO many woodpeckers that have appeared since things got serious with Himself. I find this bit of writing fascinating. Just the other day I saw a tiny little black and white woodpecker. I don’t know what they are called yet.

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 21 (trans. Celoria) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
“Zeus loathed them [the giants Agrios and Oreios] and sent Hermes to punish them . . . [and] Hermes he changed them into birds. Polyphonte became a small owl . . . she is a portent of war and sedition for mankind. Oreios became an eagle owl, a bird that presages little good to anyone when it appears . . . Their female servant was changed into a woodpecker. As she was changing her shape she prayed to the gods not to become a bird evil for mankind. Hermes and Ares heard her prayer because she had by necessity done what her masters had ordered. This a bird of good omen for someone going hunting or to feasts.”