I asked for clarification on my path/studies the day before yesterday. I have since dreamed of literally going down into darkness for the third time. Last night I dreamt of being a “death talker” and the dream involved “taking in” the Spirits of the Dead so they could speak. There were also dogs again in the dream about going down into the Earth, into Darkness. Last night while poking around Pinterest when I couldn’t sleep I had suggestions for Nantosuelta and Sucelles. On Facebook this morning I came across a photograph of mushrooms growing from a deer skeleton. Will need to ponder a bit before I take any actions in regards to the Dead. Will be poking into Gaulish things and say hello again to The Mother of Rot.

Comments from the page Magic Mushrooms that posted it:

Interesting… It looks like whatever this deer was eating, most likely plant matter of sorts, had mushroom spores on it, ended up germenating inside the deers stomach, then fruited after the deer had died and decayed.
Photo courtesy of Lain Haigh.

This might also be of note, a couole weeks ago I first noticed that White Wings was back in the area. She(could be a he for all I know) was born or appeared about three years ago. I’m not sure if I don’t see her during the warmer months because she actually goes somewhere or if I’m just too busy to actually see her. She is a crow with white flight feathers and a mostly white tail. I managed to get some pictures, not the best quality but not too bad in regards to cell phone pictures. 

It’s A Hermes Kind Of Day

This was written earlier today. I was going to finish with how the rest of my day went but I’m all out of spoons. So enjoy the blurb!
Hermes is my companion today. In the first 40 minutes of my day I was greeted by sparrows and crowd, had a Northern Flicker fly about 10 feet in front of me for a good block. I’ve missed Him. The last few Retrogrades have been times of rest and reflection. I honestly can’t recall if He was here or somewhere else during the last two in recent memory. It’s a long day ahead. Lots of dogs to walk. New sports bra to try out, hehe! More unseasonably warm weather, it was 14C at 6am. The river at the last walk of the day will be very welcome. I had that walk added late last night. It’s the same place I did my marriage to Poseidon. I guess He would like a specific visit as well.


So after my big love fest over Poseidon yesterday morning, Himself felt the need to reassert His awesomeness. While out I had crows and a large hawk greet me as I got off the train. Near the end of my outing a raven appeared in the trees beside me and croaked at me before flying over to a large tree and serenaded me for a bit longer. I left an offering of seeds and nuts at the base of the tree. Beside the tree was a path that led to a little clearing with blooming crocus. It was breathtaking and filled me with love.


I had a baby crow when I was 17/18. I only had him for about a week before he died. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. I came home from work and my Aunt and Uncle were sitting in the living room with my Mom, grinning. They told me they had something for me and pointed to a box. I opened it and this little baby looked up at me. I picked him up, my heart filled with love already. He cocked his head and looked at me and then hopped onto my shoulder and buried himself in my hair. I named him Talu, possibly spelt Tallu. That was the name that came to mind. It might not even be spelt like that, that’s how it sounds. I was heart broken when he died. He had fallen out of a tree so I’m sure he was wounded internally. I still wonder sometimes if he starved to death. I was still in high school and working full time. My Aunt and Uncle (who raised birds for sale) said they would care for him. What made his death even worse was that they just dumped him into the garbage can. I retrieved him and gave him a proper burial. I still have some of his feathers. I almost forgot his name today as he came to mind. I was looking through artwork of An Morrigan. I wanted to write a post about the little one so I don’t ever forget. Much love to my little soldier. The picture below isn’t actually of him. But it’s pretty close.