Shrine Space Make-Over

Finally got the chance to redo my shrine space. Things were all askew and dusty. I aquired new shrine items so I needed to find homes for them. I got rid of some bits I don’t use anymore that could be safely thrown away. I’m quite pleased with the new set up.

VERY Limited Oracle Call; January 2016

There is ONE spot available this month for a free oracle reading. 

I do this both for the experience and as a devotional act for Apollon and Hecate.

One simple question and one follow up on that question is permitted. I reserve the right to refuse readings to individuals. You will have your reading by the end of the calander month.

Please send your request to answersfromthemists at gmail dot com.

Pretties For My Loves

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anymore, it doesn’t last long with a toddler, housework, and working with dogs. I’ve been prompted to paint my nails again as a creative outlet and as a devotional act. Hermes reminds me it’s the simple things that matter the most sometimes.

The sparkly black polish was His request. The wings are for Him, the rose for Aprodite, the water for Poseidon; Poseidon had to remind me to add a sticker for Him by having me muck up the nail the sticker was to go on.

I’m rather forgetful lately.