Hail Matthew Berube

Found out this evening that a dear friend passed away today. He had been unwell but I thought he was on the mend. No details yet in how he passed. 

Hail Matthew Berube! Good and loyal friend, amazing drummer, icon in my world at least. That which is remembered is never lost. Hail the Beloved Dead!


Daily Devotions

Life is hard right now. I’ve been keeping up with my morning/evening lighting of the altar, and burnt offerings when feasible. Burnt offerings equal the compound incense I made recently. Once it has dried for another week or two there will be a small amount available in my shop. I’ll post a link when it’s all ready to go.

Dealing with emotional stress from various points. Finances are tight. My little family and I are exhausted. Much love goes to my non-corporeal family right now for being so supportive and awesome. Not that T/they are ever unsupportive, I’ve just been calling on T/them to help me a lot this past week. A lot as in multiple requests from me per hour, let alone per day. 

There are some spooky type Things going on that I’m not ready to share yet but it is at once fascinating and terrifying. When I have the spoons I’ll write about it.

Flora and Fungi, October 8th 2015

Autumn is here in full force, a bit warmer then usual but the rains have returned and the leaves are turning quickly now. I adore mushrooms, my Mother-In-Law is taking me mushroom picking in a couple weeks. I happily gobble up her knowledge and she is overjoyed to share this skill that she truly loves. It’s a family thing, her Dad took her as a child in Poland. Anyway, I digress, enjoy the photo’s!


Shades of Poseidon 

I find inspiration, kennings, promptings of the Spirit in the strangest of places. Currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert; Saw the movie many years ago, my father instilling a love for the book even though I’ve never read it. Here is a passage that struck me. It rings true for ALL my spouses, mortal and otherwise.

Jessica spoke, shattering the moment. “Besides, Wellington, the Duke is really two men. One of them I love very much. He’s charming, witty, considerate…tender-everything a woman could desire. But the other man is…cold, callous, demanding, selfish-as harsh and cruel as a winter wind. That’s the man shaped by the father.”…

Prayer Request

For those of you inclined to prayer, any and all energies that can be spared for my Mother would be appreciated. She went for a mammogram yesterday, was called today and was told she needs to go back for more tests and to see a specialist. They have not said if it is cancer of not. I am concerned because she has had pre-cancerous/cancerous cells removed twice already. She is already ill with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Spinal Stinosis, among a handful of others. She’s 59 years old. I’m trying really hard not to freak out about this. Instead I will pray.

WordPress Issues

Just a quick update. I rarely have time these days to sit at my laptop. Most of my post and interactions are done on my phone. The WordPress app is currently not working and hasn’t been for about a week. I have posts all ready to go ON my phone, just can’t update at the moment. I am also dealing with a lot in my “off line” life so just bear with me folks.

If you want more details, this is my blog chronicling my life with chronic illness, follow this link to go to my most recent post.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

I’m not going into detail right now because the wound is still very very fresh. I found out this morning that someone who was exceedingly special to me passed away. She crossed over almost a year ago but I just found out this morning. My heart is shattered. Prayers for my most Beloved Dead.