Mother Morrigan whispered to me, was it today? Perhaps yesterday? My sense of time is terrible at the best of times. I digress though, She whispered to me, as I looked at the gorgeous new black with red flower dishware my hubby(the mortal one) bought us recently. 

“Hard times are coming My child.”

Sometimes when She speaks She reminds me of how black Southern women are sometimes portrayed. (She shifts into Voodoo/Houdou quite easily for me). Child came out more like “chile”.

Her wings are strong and bear me up.

“There’s a storm coming chile…

She’s straight out of New Orleans now.

Well the storm hit about an hour ago. I’m hoping I can stop crying now. I may or may not share details since it’s really super private personal stuff. But yeah. There has been much ugly but quiet crying. I LOATHE CRYING. Now my sinuses are plugged and my eye balls feel like they might pop out of my head from the sinus pressure. Ugh. All will be well, nothing life threatening going on or anything. Just some heavy emotional shit going on right now.

Thank You, Mother, for the warning. Thank You for holding me in this storm.


They all play a role in my life. And it is always in flux. This is the general idea though.

Poseidon is my Lover, my Husband, my King.

Hermes is my Lover, my Husband, my King, a Hunting Partner, Fellow Warrior

Apollo is my Priest, a ‘Spirit Worker’, He helps to guide and teach in the ways of Readings.

Aphrodite is my Friend, my Mother, my Huntress, my Mirror, my Love

And there’s Loki, Who does not give me another name to call Him besides Coyote. He is a very dear friend of mine and a ‘business partner’ or sorts, I tend to do a lot of readings for Lokeans. And He loves and watches over my son.

Odin is my Father in Heaven. A solid Rock and Foundation I can rest upon.

The Morrigan is my previous Patroness, an Old and Dear Friend Who is with me Always. 

Now…language and names are a complicated thing. At this point in my Path and Learning, Who and What the God(s) actually are is really wibbly wobbly (totally timey wimey Dr Who shit). Besides Their continued support in one form or another, nothing is constant. The names used are the ones They currently prefer.

On The Subject Of Breaking

This little conversation happened while reading a post on being broken by the Gods. I was curious why it was Goddesses sent to “break” me. I’ll link to the article when I can brain better.

Me: Why Women?

Hekate and Morrigan: Because We are the only ones who could/can.

My Lady

I was feeling very heartbroken the other day. I’d realized after posting on a group that I was a devotee of An Morrigan that She is no longer with me in that sense. If I call Her she still answers but She has told me that “the war is over” and I am no longer in need of Her “services”. She was most kind about it and I still care for Her deeply. It feels like a Mother and chick scenario, I’m being booted out of the nest after 15 years. While I was wallowing…well I suppose I was more pondering…this warm sense of love came over me and I realized the Lady had come to call. Freyja.

She’s not exactly what I expected. I had read so much about Her being a love Goddess and akin to Aphrodite. Physical beauty has never been something I’ve focused on overly much. She’s since said to me “Why can’t you be beautiful and strong?” and has chided me gently on practicing what I preach when it comes to beauty, the physical is not the only component.

So I must say goodbye to yet another entrenched part of my life and welcome a new part. She has been gentle with me and kind. I am very fond of Her already.

Hail to Our Lady.

Sometimes it really sucks when all your main Gods are involved in The Hunt somehow. Nobody is Home. And I miss them. *sigh*