via Imminent Eviction — Queen of the Waiting Ones I’ve gone back and forth all day over whether or not to share this here, but the bottom line is, my pride means fuck all when compared to the welfare of my children. Also, I have significantly more followers here than I do on social media, and so more likelihood of reaching my financial […]

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This is a very dear friend of mine. She needs help. Donate if possible, share widely.

REBLOG – 31 Days of Devotion to Týr, Day 1: Basic Introduction to Deity — The Sovereign of Swords

Basic Introduction of Deity Many of you who subscribe to my blog are aware that I am spoused to Cernunnos – so perhaps some of you (like me!) are a bit surprised that I’m going to be dedicating this month of devotion to Týr . After all, I’ve only begun to work with Him since […]

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Sharing for reasons I will eventually have enough brain function to write about. Pertains to a dream I had the other night. Hail the Wolf Binder.

Number four is coming — Golden Trail*reblog*

This fantastic. I’ve never been a huge fan of April Fool’s Day. This gives me a whole new way to look at the day. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that April 4th would be His birthday. My brain is pretty foggy right now.


This year’s Ludi Mercuriales or Games of Mercury are just around the corner and I’ve been getting ready for four days of food, fun and flowers in honour of the Fleet-Footed, His mother and His divine host of Lares Viales. The pantry’s been stocked with needed ingredients, the raw materials for the wreaths are in, […]

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*Reblog*Cernunnos and the Starry Lady

It’s a good morning for “tingly” blog posts. Here’s another. Not only does Himself sing me stories to tell, They all do. Tales, Legends, Myths, they are all meant to die and be retold. Just like all of us.

In your mind’s eye see Cernunnos. No, younger than that. Younger still. See Him before time etched its wisdom into His face, before the long exile of the gods by the one god. When the world was full of his brothers and sisters, when they could be found in every river and stream, every mountain […]

*Reblog* Seer

This hit REALLY close to home. I’ve never actually had anyone tell me they wished they could See, but I’ve seen the longing in their eyes. I’ve also seen the fear. The distrust. I remember wishing for a gift like this as a child, not realizing at the time that all the figurative windows and doors were already open. Even now, at 33, I still get into discussions with people and I just share my basic experiences with the Gods, and I get the confused squint from people. It just never occurred to me that people can’t Hear and See Them like I can. I’ll be writing my own blog post about it. This one though, is almost perfect.
People tell me sometimes, “I want what you have. Teach me how to See.” They think that Seeing brings to them fame, sanity, and surety. They think that it will solve all of their problems – prove their connection to the Great Divine – give them the illusion that clarity is only a Sight away. They […]

Path of Greed: Addendum

Reblogging because, well, the title is pretty self explanatory, Addendum. My thoughts on the first piece remain unchanged. 💜

Sometimes, channeled material doesn’t go as planned.  Last night, I published something that Hermes was saying, and the last bit (the last several paragraphs) were channeled through automatic writing.  I read the post to him, but he wasn’t fully paying attention, and then when I published it, there was a feeling of him being upset, […]

Hermes: The Path of Greed.

This is amazing! Hermes asked me this week to write a post about Him as “The God of Lies”. I’ve been struggling with HOW to write it. This helped clarify some things. 

I was born greedy. In my youth, it was food that I was greedy with, and I set about acquiring as much food as possible. As I grew a little older, I came to understand that acquiring anything, really, could help me to get more food, since if an object had any value, it’s value could […]