Burnt Offerings 

I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve never been good at regular practice. The Gods are constantly in my thoughts but actual physical ritual has never been something done regularly. A few weeks back I switched from stick incense back to charcoal discs. The whole act of getting the disc lit, sprinkling the powdered incense on, the way the smoke billows up; I love it and so do They. In my studies for Greek and Roman Paganism I gathered that the Gods are particularly fond of the physical act of burning offerings. This has kept me at it with the charcoal. It’s been a week now that I’ve remembered and made the time to stand in front of my altar, give my burnt offerings and prayers, every day. The Gods are quite pleased and so am I.

And a Time for Goodbye


I’ve been following this woman’s blog for quite some time now. Following her actually helped me realize my calling for death work. It seems her time to pass through the Veil is rapidly approaching. I will light candles and pray that her passing is swift and painless and full of love. That her loved ones grief be short. Hail the Dying. Hail the Glorious and Beloved Dead.

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My ten day allocations of living shrunk last week when my team of doctors decided that I was no longer eligible for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy being my only active tool to contain my cancer which seems to be invading more and more of my body. I entered in-home hospice Friday.

I have yet to sing the praises of hospice. The main difference is that I am at home (nice) and that Mike is now a deputized nurse (not so nice.)

I don’t feel good. It hurts to talk (ng tube goes down my throat to extract fluids from my stomach into a cute little bucket.) I have received no actual nutrition since i entered the hospital. Nothing can stay in my stomach with out me throwing up. And nothing can go beyond my stomach. There is no detente in site.

I wont pretend to keep blogging much. I think the above…

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A Monthly Practice For Clarifying Connections to Your Deity


For later study.

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

I am continuing to unpack my article on Spiritual Alchemy, and our relationships with gods, which may have been a slog for some of you to read.

One of the important things in the article was a way of doing empowered invocation for the purpose of clearing up negative manifestations.

A person who just receives energy from a deity and lets it hang around unused will find it mixing with their own energies and unconscious will. That can cause the energies to respond to our own unconscious baggage and color the way we see our deities.

Empowered invocation temporarily creates a stronger connection to deity and calls much more of the deity’s energy. This dilutes the afflicted energies and washes them out into the space.

The energies that wash out are still important for us to process — we can think of them as sticky notes from the unconscious…

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Marriage Rite

So I had planned my marriage rite to Poseidon for this Saturday. It’s the day after Beltain so I thought that was fitting. I was going to go down to the beach where I had spent so much of my youth and have a fire and offerings and possibly a dip in the ocean. It would take me a couple hours on transit to get to the beach which was going to be rough, especially with my arthritis flaring. I figured the sacrifice of time/energy would be fitting. 

As is usual time and dates completely slipped my mind and all of a sudden the second is the day after tomorrow. Outside of contacting a dear friend to accompany me to the beach and figuring out a few minor details I have nothing planned. Saturday is usually family day, I haven’t even mentioned to my mortal spouse that I wanted to day to myself. Now I have to work also so going to the beach is entirely out of the question.

Coincidentally enough the dogs I walk on Saturday are down by the Coquitlam River. This is the river I was spending so much time at last Summer/Fall and it is also the place where I met Poseidon. Up until I started spending so much time walking along the river I had no name for the Presence that had been trying to get me to Listen. So maybe it’s a better place to marry Him. I feel unworthy because almost nothing I had planned will be possible. I can still slip the bottle of wine I’ve been saving for an offering into my work bag. A candle can be brought and lit by the waters. I can whisper my vows and prayers.

Maybe it’s not so unworthy after all.