On The Subject Of Breaking

This little conversation happened while reading a post on being broken by the Gods. I was curious why it was Goddesses sent to “break” me. I’ll link to the article when I can brain better.

Me: Why Women?

Hekate and Morrigan: Because We are the only ones who could/can.

A Note on Oracles

To all the people I owe readings to, my apologies on the delay; my arthritis is kicking my ass right now.

Also no one has to wait for me to put out oracles every month, you can just send me a message at answersfromthemists at gmail dot com. I’ll get a permanent note up eventually!

A Simple Circle Casting For Polytheistic Theurgic Work

For further study.

Magick From Scratch

In case you looked at my “Gods and Spiritual Alchemy” article and sighed, “TLDR,” or read it quickly, or read it and saw the interesting circle casting that I just slipped in there without any explanation, I thought I’d do you the service of presenting it again, this time with some explanation of what I was thinking.

When do polytheists need a circle casting?

For normal devotionals, I would avoid them. In Hellenismos, anyway, the holiest virtue is Hospitality, and hosting a devotional event where strangers can’t amble in is a lot like closing the door on the gods themselves. In fact, if strangers show up (which they often do, when ritual is outdoors in a picnic area), I behave as though they are gods in disguise until it is proven otherwise. Any impediment to accepting them into my space immediately and with pleasure needs to be done away…

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Loki is my travelling Companion today. I asked His help in figuring out vows for my Marriage to Poseidon. A good friend said He was good with words. He’s been flitting about for a few months but this last week or two has been inundated with all things Dandelion. Sunday I was prompted to wear these key earrings that I totally forgot about and had to go looking for. That afternoon I received a sheer orange salwar kameez with gorgeous sequins and embroidery. Reddish brown is the colour of the day. And of course I had to get a new notebook since I like having separate books for each of Them. Another reason He is about probably has a lot to do with my recent realizations about my gender identity and sexuality(which may or may not be a post…Loki says yes.).  The picture below is if the notebooks and pretty pens He requested. The headphones are because I forgot mine at home and will explode without music.



“Big Pharma” & Privilege: Or Why I Wish Allies Would Stop Using This Phrase

I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. I live in Canada so I have better access to medical care but still struggle with edit lists, medication costs, etc. It doesn’t stop the ableism, and pretty much everything else mentioned. I cannot sing the praises of this article loud enough!

Foxglove & Firmitas

A friend posts an article on Facebook about how the United States’ medical system does not meet the needs of those with chronic pain. This is a reality that I have experienced. This is a reality that I regularly speak to others who experience chronic pain have also experienced. About a month ago when I was at the doctor’s office for my annual exam, I overheard 2 medical workers talking about how they hate when patients say they’re in pain, because they know they’re over-reacting. I was horrified, but it wasn’t the first time I’d heard someone in the medical field say something like this.

When we talk about chronic pain, and disability in general, inevitably someone pops up to say something like the following:

I think chronic pain (and other illnesses for that matter) should be tackled with a holistic approach. Putting our faith completely in the medical system…

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Love notes from Freya, 4/19/15

Some good advice.

Silver and Gold

A marriage is what you make of it. It can be a marriage of convenience; a marriage of romantic love; a marriage for children; a marriage for career advancement. A marriage for society; a marriage for you, personally. There are many reasons to get married. Choose which one you like best, and follow your heart. It matters not which one you choose; only that you choose.

Relationship advice, from Freya. My sense is that her version of “Marriage” and our modern American one is different. I got the sense for channeling her note today that she was talking about something not entirely unlike a business venture–two people entering into an intimate, long-term partnership which is mutually beneficial;”romance” not being the central concept, in many cases.

Though Freya is a goddess of love, and I will never present her as not having that essential quality, it’s good to note that what…

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The Battle of Culloden

Today is the 256th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. It is an anniversary that effects me deeply. I don’t know why exactly. I don’t know if I had blood relatives that fought on either side which usually explains this tug on my heart. I lit my candles and burned my incense blends this morning without even realizing the day. Once I realized I say in quiet contemplation for as long as I could before leaving for work. I hope to do more Work remembering all the Dead.