New Incense!

Boosting signal.

Hermes in the Cemetery #1

Totally love this idea of going to cemeteries! I can even go to at least two local ones that have blood relations as well as friends and other loved ones. I’ve always been enamoured with cemeteries. I’ll be writing a post on it in the near future.

The Path Can Be Rocky

Things have been very difficult for me the past month and a half. I have been adjusting to new psychiatric medication and it takes a toll on me physically and mentally. It also screws with my ability to speak with the Higher Ups. It doesn’t stop the communication it just changes how I receive it. Think of a radio that has been knocked out of tune with the station you are listening to. It’s a matter of fiddling with the knobs to zero in on the proper reception again. I’ve also been working lots which gives me ample time in the woods and with the pups but not nearly enough time to rest. I feel kind of thin sometimes. The birds have been talking with me which will be a whole other post in and of itself. Speaking of work, my bus stop is coming up, time to go.

Cedar Incense

I’ve been itching to make incense. Finally had a chance to grind up the cedar boughs I’ve been drying for a few weeks. Once the thickest part of the branches snapped easily under pressure I took a small sample and burnt it on some charcoal. Smelled great. Tonight I have ground it all, including as much of the bark and wood as well as green bits. I used a run of the mill coffee grinder. I haven’t had the chance to burn it since being ground but I can only assume it will smell just as good. I used heavy leather work gloves to munch up the boughs into coffee grinder friendly sized pieces. There are no measured amounts or anything, I winged it mostly. I will update when I get the chance to burn it.







Calling to Our Ancestors

I want this!

Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

Calling to Our Ancestors SplashCalling to Our Ancestors is finally in print and ebook forms, and here in Kindle form. Finally, after four long years.  Hail to the Ancestors, it is finished!

This devotional is dedicated to giving a voice to those roads that honor the Ancestors, and to those who seek the Ancestors. I want to give deep thanks to all of the contributors. You made this possible.

“The Ancestors can be found by many roads: by blood, adoption, the Gods we worship, and the Elements that sustain us. They can be found in the newly or ancient Dead, in the old forests or the candle flame. The devotional is dedicated to giving a voice to those roads, and to those who seek the Ancestors.”

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Letter to a New Spirit Worker (pt. II)

Love this. Very timely.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Dear You,

If the Powers and Potencies can be said to have one shared, defining characteristic, it might dynamism. Their ability to effect change manifests in more ways than we are even aware of, though we try to make sense of these sacred personalities by outlining the ways in which their dynamism is most obvious to us and our interests. This is why we say one Power is like lightening while another is like the slow inexorable pace of a glacier. This is why we say one Power is related to love spells and high wild windy places and tiny Shetland ponies and another is related to the depths of computer networks. It’s all just various avenues of potential change.

It’s helpful to remember that this dynamism is a naturally arising property of their being; they can’t not act and they can’t not cause change through their proximity. Sometimes they…

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