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It’s a good morning for “tingly” blog posts. Here’s another. Not only does Himself sing me stories to tell, They all do. Tales, Legends, Myths, they are all meant to die and be retold. Just like all of us.

In your mind’s eye see Cernunnos. No, younger than that. Younger still. See Him before time etched its wisdom into His face, before the long exile of the gods by the one god. When the world was full of his brothers and sisters, when they could be found in every river and stream, every mountain […]


Breadcrumbs; For the “God of Lies” post.

Thinky Thought: Can Gods get depressed?

Smoke and Mirrors by Puscifer 

You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiver

But when your moment came, to shed that skin

You just slithered away

You just slithered away

Crystal clear to us all, when you say “We all want the same thing”
That you don’t, you want the bigger piece and the praise

There are those who have seen, and those soon to beware

What your smoke is concealing

Just a trail of bones, atop a lemming’s hill

All fallen prey

All fallen prey

All fallen prey

To the liar, not a saint, not a martyr
Just a snake, and a liar

We used to believe, when you’d say “Were all in this together”
Mo more, we all see

Now the mirror is broken, we all know what your spell was concealing

Just hollow eyes, a stolen crown but

Not a king

No, not a king

No, not a king

Just the liar, not a saint, not a martyr
Just a snake, and a liar


“I, Hermes, stand here at the crossroads by the wind beaten orchard, near the hoary grey coast; and I keep a resting place for weary men.
And the cool stainless spring gushes out.”

Hermes has commanded requested stories of me. I feel a little goofy about it and the anxious part of me worries that it won’t be taken seriously. In the blog circles that I travel writing UPG based stories about ones Gods is pretty common place. I don’t want to seem a copy cat. Perhaps it’s just time for new tales to be told and all the Gods are reaching out to have Their say.

What concerns me the most are the stories that have NOTHING to do with any known Lore. A good portion of them pertain to His travels, which will involve me crossing over into other Faiths. I fear offending folks. I hope that I can write a good enough story that it can be enjoyed as just a story to those who don’t see Him as I do.

The Written Word, May 15th, 2012

May 15th, 2012

I’ve officially renamed these writings “The Written Word”, partly because I very rarely write them in the morning and partly because I don’t write everyday. I’m hoping to eventually but until then I will write when I feel inclined and try not to worry about it. Had a most lovely day out with a very dear friend of mine who we shall call S. He invited me to come to the Goddess Temple with him which I of course immediately jumped at. Besides being a long time and dear friend, S is one of the few people who actually gets it when I talk to him about my Path. I don’t have to explain “visions” or the significance of threes or anything like that. Which makes conversation flow so much easier sometimes. So, off to the Temple we went. Wandered through the local organic type market and got some tasty treats as well as some incense. 12 little boxes with 10 little sticks each for $1.50. And they smell very nice as well as only burning for maybe 5-10 minutes. Almost exactly what I was looking for! I must remember to ask the gentleman who runs the store if he can find other scents for me. The boxes have a little hole where I am assuming you can stick the incense to burn it. Doesn’t seem like the best of ideas seeming as how the box is cardboard and the little holder is plastic, but it did strike me as being SUPER cute.


Off to Temple we went after that. The building itself is painted in red and white stripes which always strike a chord in me, red and white being the colours of The Otherworld and generally attached to things of spiritual significance for me. Kinda like a “LOOK OVER HERE!” sign from my Gods. Stepped inside and everything was peaceful, even with a gentleman vacuuming the carpet. Took shoes and socks off as I expected….and love honestly. We had thought that the ritual, or pooja I believe it is called, started at 11am but were informed it started at 2pm. So S showed me around the Temple (it’s a South Indian Hindu Temple), explained who all the statues were for and some of the Mythology and Symbolism behind them. It was amazing and made me all happy. Once we were done and just about to leave S talked to someone and found out that the ritual was actually starting at 12pm, with another at 2pm, so we quickly kicked our shoes back off and sat down.


I was wearing my pretty blue scarf out today in a almost nun style covering. The whole time we were walking around the Temple it kept trying to slip off. I take this as an indication that I don’t need to cover like that in this place. Before we sat down I switched to my white scarf that I have now reserved for ritual, laying it over my head like a veil while I cleared the clutter from my mind, opened myself up to the Gods in a more significant fashion and waited for the ritual to start. I kept my head covered as they welcomed the Gods, at least that’s what I assume they were doing. Ringing bells, offering flowers and what I think was blessed water, covering the statues with flowers and flower petals. Once the main three had been welcomed I felt compelled to remove the shawl from my head but kept it on my shoulders. It’s hard to describe the ritual after this, I had my eyes closed in quiet contemplation and communion through most of it, listening to the prayers, chanting, and singing. There were lots of candles, lots of flowers, lots of incense. Basically everything I love in a ritual. While it wasn’t the manifestation of the Gods that I usually see I could still feel that sameness, that Divinity beyond the physical manifestation. So it didn’t matter that it was all a bit new to me or that I didn’t understand the words, the connection was made either way.


I was also very pleased by the set up of the Temple. From the readings I have done on archeological digs of Ancient Celtic religious sites, the layout is almost identical. I feel that of I was to recreate a Celtic ritual I could take a lot of pointers from this. I am hoping to attend regularly with S since there are no temples here for Celtic manifestations of the Gods. As I said above, it may not be exactly the same but it feels right and good to go. S also acquired a little bag of ash with a Holy Basil leaf in it as well. The ash itself comes from 7 (I think it was 7) parts of the cow that have been ritualistically burned and are used in ritual. The Goddess of this Temple (whose name I have now forgotten) is attached to healing and childbirth as well as a few other things which was part of the reason S wanted to bring me, because of this though S said I can mix the ash with some water or tea or milk and drink it to help ward off any issues and such. I love it. It makes me all smiley and warm and fuzzy on the inside. Part of me doesn’t want to use it at all but find a little jar to put it in on the main altar. Maybe I will do a bit of both.


After Temple it was time for Thai food! Vegetarian green curry…yum. S is now officially my Temple and Ethnic food buddy. It’s Temple and Thai Tuesdays! Hehe! Over lunch we had wonderful and deep conversations about our Gods and the recent spiritual changes we’ve both been experiencing. Synchronicity is awesome. I explained how the Three Realms work as well as the three Invasions. Among other things. It’s fantastic to talk to someone about it and get the “ME TOO!!” look or smile. So needless to say more research into Hinduism must be implemented. On Shiva in particular. Apparently sneaky Shiva appeared to S sitting on a throne with curled antlers earlier this week. Which made me giggle. I think Shiva and Herne are one in the same, different culteral interpretations of the same Divine energy. S and I have made plans to take an incence making course as well as another course that I can’t remember at the moment. Good thing S writes all these things down! We will also be ritual supply shopping soon and once the baby is born he is more then happy to go modest clothes shopping with me! FUN!


Oh yes, during lunch my blue scarf kept trying to fall off again so I just took it off. I’m thinking I will lean more towards the wide headband/Bethany Veil type coverings for now where some if not most of my hair is visible, have the white veil for prayer/Temple time and cover completely when I feel called to. I think I may be trying to make up for the lack of modest clothing that I want by covering my hair more, which apparently is not the way to go. At least not right now. Maybe that will change when the baby gets here or when the weather turns cold again. Tending to plants seems to have become part of my daily practice as well. Yesterday I repotted all of my orchids, placing them outside this afternoon for the summer. Let’s hope they will reward me with blooms in the Fall/Winter. Later today I want to repot my Violets as well as run down to the veggie patch to water. I also redid the living room shrine.


Now though it is time for a nap!


Newest setup for the living room shrine.
May 15th, 2012

“Morning Pages”, May 8th, 2012

May 8th, 2012

Okay. Entry number three. I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days but I keep getting distracted by sleep and

housecleaning. Herne has been rather quiet the last few weeks. Still there just hanging out quietly behind me, a hand on my shoulder. I think He knows I’m a little too tired for any intense interaction at the moment. I was out on Friday to see my pre-natal shrink which was a nice visit. I always enjoy going to St. Paul’s Hospital, it’s one of the few hospitals that don’t give me the creeps. On the way home I walked through the woods beside the creek, checking out the new growth so far this year. On the bus before I got off I was thinking about a post in my Druid group pertaining to how much time we spend online and if members made sure they spent a certain amount of time or anything outside on a daily basis. So I decided since I would be walking that way to get home anyways I might as well walk in the woods.

I’ve had some major anxiety issues going through there since we moved here almost five years ago. I won’t go near it in the early morning or near dusk. I’m quite convinced some creepy serial killer will be waiting for me. I also avoid it around these times because I have encountered a bear once in there. Now that I’ve been medicated for a few years it has been easier to go in there. I’m easing into it. There is a spot that I like to go to for ritual but I only go there in the summer when the ground is dry. It is mildly treacherous getting there so I most definitely haven’t been since I got pregnant. I’m hoping I can remember the longer way to get in there so I can go with the baby. The longer route is easier and doesn’t involve scaling along skinny walkways that may crumble and drop you into the creek. The funny thing is the more difficult entrance, which is my favourite, is the one spot in the whole walk where the energy of the area goes really spooky. Something bad happened right there. I’ve taken my good friend with me and showed her and she agree’s. She is also a Pagan and very in tune with these things.

I was super smiley by the time I got home. Took a bunch of pictures which are posted here. I lay down on my couch nest and began poking around online when a big fat crow plopped into the top rail of my patio. Bent over and took a peek at me, murmured a bit at me. Hung out for a good ten minutes. I haven’t had a visit like that in quite some time. I’m taking that as a sign that my forest walk was a good idea. I’ve also been reading up on ants. I know part of the reason they are poking around, the more mundane reasons, involve the rotting boards in my deck, the wet cat food (they seem to love it) and the heavy rains. They seem to show up more to me than my hubby though. So here is what I found:

ANT The ant is a very hard worker and conscientious in every detail of its work.  They live in huge communities where most tasks are delegated to  individuals who form work groups to carry out various activities of hunting, gathering, nesting and nursery, habitat construction, and protection.  The ant accepts its position within its community without question and is totally dedicated and loyal throughout its lifetime to the entire community.

ANT MEDICINE: The ant people are wonderful builders and architects.  They can show us ways to build a reality based on our dreams. Ants are determined and relentless in pursuit of their mission.  If the ant people come to visit you, it may be this quality they will teach. Solidarity and collaboration are keys to the success of the ant.  Every individual in the community does its duty to ensure the welfare of the whole colony, regardless of its personal safety or how long it must labor.  The ant spirit teaches us teamwork and loyalty. Ants are unselfish and sacrifice themselves to benefit the community.  Learning this valuable lesson of the ant can be the greatest of all gifts. Honor and respect are the hallmarks of the ant people. Ants are tireless workers and hunters and teach the art of perseverance and patience in all that they do. Those with this spirit will find that many of their life lessons will involve the mastery of patience in some way. Ant medicine is subtle yet powerful. It teaches us how to release our egos and aligns us with the virtue of equality. Imagine what the world would be like if humanity held and applied the values that the ant expresses. The next time you step on, squash, injure or kill an ant intentionally, ask yourself why you are choosing to destroy the unconditional love that the ant shares so freely. Valuable insights about yourself and your history can be learned from this tiny little totem.

Now, I must say that I have no qualms about killing these little guys when they are crawling on my counters. I leave them alone outside. But when four or five of them are cruising around my kitchen I WILL squish them. I’m doing my best to keep these things in mind though when it comes to the ants. They still need to stop coming into my house though.

I have also turned my “kinda” shrine in the living room into an actual shrine. I have set up places for candle and incense and now put fresh flowers there as soon as the old ones fade. I have also started keeping fresh flowers on my main altar as well. When I awake I get up do the usual bathroom/brush teeth/make tea/have breakfast then cover my head on the days I feel compelled to and light a candle and incense on the living room shrine. When I go to sleep I light candles and incense on the main altar beside my bed. It’s becoming a nice daily set of ritual. I’ve also been experimenting with using an oil burner on the main altar. The stick and cone incense seems to be bothering my eyes and nose all of a sudden and my hubbys. And the bedroom doesn’t have nearly as much space as the living room so it gets overpowering really fast. It is also the only way I know to have cedar for an offering right at the moment. I plan on identifying cedar out in the woods so I can bring some home and figure out how to make my own little incense cones. Then I can control the size. I usually burn Indian type incense. Perhaps with the more prominent emergence of Herne coupled with my insanely sensitive pregnancy nose the stronger Indian based ones are not being accepted as offerings now.


The newest development is my interest in “Soul Midwifery”. One if the Sisters in CiL mentioned it and it immediately struck a chord. Caring for people comes very naturally to me. When I miscarried I read a good book on death and dying and felt the urge then to look into something I could do to help people transitioning into this part of their lives. The idea brewed for years. When my Grandfather passed away about a year and a half ago I took another little step in the direction of assisting the dead. We were lucky, even though he had passed away at the hospital we were given the opportunity to just sit with him for a good three hours before they had to take him away. They let us sit in the cast room with him until they had to open it around 7am. We all sat and touched him and cried but also wished him a peaceful journey, happy for him that after 10 years he would be back with Grandma and that he would not be in pain any longer. I don’t remember at what point I did this but I think it was right before we left. I knew it was time to go anyways, his body temperature was noticeably cooler and his muscles had started to harden. I knew he was most definitely not attached to his physical form any longer but still with us. I placed my hand on his chest and read a prayer for the dead from a book of “re-paganized” prayers from the Carmina Gadelica that a member of my Druid group had put together. What made it extra comforting was that I knew my Scottish Grandfather would appreciate the words and everyone else in the family (all Christians of some persuasion) thought it was beautiful. And I don’t think it really occurred to any of them that it was technically a Pagan prayer. My Uncle’s caregiver (he is handicapped) wanted to see the book afterwards as well.

Today though when my Sister mentioned it I was struck with the urge to jump up and down screaming YES!! THAT’S IT!! So I have contacted the Canadian society for Soul/Death Midwifery to see if there is training available locally. My Sister sent me info on an amazing looking group but it is in the UK. I won’t have the money to go to the UK let alone pay for the classes ANY time soon. So, I’m crossing my fingers.


I am feeling more on track as far as my practice goes. I have begun developing my relationship with Herne. I will be reaffirming my relationship with The Morrigan soon as well. I know that at some point in the near future I will also be getting to know The Cailleagh better. I feel this will happen sometime after the baby is born though. I am becoming more and more comfortable with my covering as well as developing a daily ritual routine. I feelmore peaceful. It makes me happy.