Sometimes you don’t really understand the signs, until they hit you in the face. Or the ground liquefies between your feet.


And you can’t believe you’ve been so blind.


All will be well.


I’ve learnt to swim.



“I’m scared,” I whisper to Him in the Storm. We are surrounded by Darkness. I cannot see Him yet. I feel Him though, His warm embrace from behind. The reassurance of His size, the weight of Him. He has black wings. The Man in Black. He presses His lips to my ear, “I am with you always, I never really leave you. We are bound together, you and I, always. Follow me into the Dark. I will show you the way. Trust in me and I will see you through.”

Three Card Tarot Readings

I finally figured out how to set up a tarot reading listing properly on my Etsy shop!

Find the listing HERE.

A single question, three card tarot reading. You will receive a digital file with photo’s of the cards pulled as well as a write up on the meaning of the cards in relation to your question. There will be a photo of the three cards in the order they are pulled as well as shots of each individual card. If you wish the have a physical copy of the write up and photo’s please let me know through a message as there will be a shipping fee. Otherwise I just need an email address to send the file to.




VERY Limited Oracle Call; January 2016

There is ONE spot available this month for a free oracle reading. 

I do this both for the experience and as a devotional act for Apollon and Hecate.

One simple question and one follow up on that question is permitted. I reserve the right to refuse readings to individuals. You will have your reading by the end of the calander month.

Please send your request to answersfromthemists at gmail dot com.