Bumps in the Road

Been having some issues with my health as well as my sons, I will get back to posting regularly as soon as I am able.


The Tasks – The Mark

Odin has been quiet recently. Not ignoring me but not moving ahead in developing our relationship. I realized last week that it was because I had not completed my Task. I am to get a Mark, one day a tattoo, but a necklace for now. I ordered a bronze Irminsul from Ragnar’s Ragweed Forge. The gentleman who makes them only ships to the States so I had it sent to an American friend of mine who will forward it on to me. I’m excited and impatient for it to arrive. I’m not sure how I will hang it from my neck, will be checking out various chains until I find what He wants. A chain large enough that you can see the links clearly. In a silver metal, although bronze to match the pebdant would be cool too. I will post a picture as soon as it arrives.

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