A Morning Dose of Sufism

Found this on my morning perusal of Facebook. A little blurb on the Sufi Master Meher Baba. There is more to it but it was these parts that resonated deeply with me.


Questions and Answers by Shri Meher Baba, The Perfect Master

Question: What, in his opinion, is the real meaning and purpose of life?
Answer: It is to become identified with the Universal Self, and thus to experience Infinite Bliss, Power, and Knowledge; and finally, to be able to impart this experience to others, and make them see the One Indivisible Infinity existing in every phase of life.

Question: Does Shri Meher Baba deny “matter”?
Answer: He denies nothing because for him duality does not exist. To a God-realized personality, matter and spirit seem both to be merged in the Ocean of Divinity. He sees the “Divine One” playing simultaneously the different roles of the soul, spirit, mind, and body.

* The soul exists independently of nature and matter, it is infinite, everlasting, and pure
* The spirit, though having the same Divine essence as the soul, differs in that it is attached to the matter, the body, the world and the affairs of the world, but is unconscious of the Infinite Self. “Until it is realized, the spirit has to reincarnate.”
* The body is the medium through which the mind puts its desires, emotions, and thoughts into action on the physical plane.
* The mind is the medium by which the spirit’s experiences of matter are expressed.

The God-man teaches us the Truth that to realize the oneness of everything we must realize that spirit and matter, or the spiritual life and material life go hand-in-hand. When intellect and feeling, or head and heart, are equally developed and balanced, the apparent antithesis is resolved into the One Divine Consciousness.

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How to Make an Ancestor Spirit Bottle

To Do list…

The Witch of Forest Grove

Spirit Bottles Crafted by the Witch of Forest Grove

Spirit vessels are used in witchcraft to attract, ground, and manifest spirits. For spirits of the dead they act as an anchor to our middle realm so the spirit is able to stay here longer, communicate more easily, and even manifest in some perceivable form.

Here is a simple method to craft a spirit vessel for working with the beloved and mighty dead. You will need a glass vial, bottle, or jar with a cork or lid, a skull that will fit on top (bone and antler are best, but stone or other materials will do), a candle (white, red, or black), and herbs associated with attracting spirits and summoning and manifesting the dead.

First layer the herbs into the bottle by sifting them one at a time through a funnel and tapping the bottle so the herb and dust settles. Once it’s filled up to the top, cork it…

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I had a baby crow when I was 17/18. I only had him for about a week before he died. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. I came home from work and my Aunt and Uncle were sitting in the living room with my Mom, grinning. They told me they had something for me and pointed to a box. I opened it and this little baby looked up at me. I picked him up, my heart filled with love already. He cocked his head and looked at me and then hopped onto my shoulder and buried himself in my hair. I named him Talu, possibly spelt Tallu. That was the name that came to mind. It might not even be spelt like that, that’s how it sounds. I was heart broken when he died. He had fallen out of a tree so I’m sure he was wounded internally. I still wonder sometimes if he starved to death. I was still in high school and working full time. My Aunt and Uncle (who raised birds for sale) said they would care for him. What made his death even worse was that they just dumped him into the garbage can. I retrieved him and gave him a proper burial. I still have some of his feathers. I almost forgot his name today as he came to mind. I was looking through artwork of An Morrigan. I wanted to write a post about the little one so I don’t ever forget. Much love to my little soldier. The picture below isn’t actually of him. But it’s pretty close.



My spiritual life is such a strange place. I suppose that’s what I get for deciding I don’t need to stick to one Path (as long as I practice them seperately!). I put on my new Al-Amira hijab today before going out and put my mini Qu’ran back in my purse. I’ve felt compelled to start lighting up my big altar/shrine again and properly, not the half assed fashion I’ve been doing it in for quite some time. And once again Christianity/Catholicism is tapping me on the shoulder.


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