Old but Unfamiliar Territory 

There are some major shifts happening in my Spiritual life right now. I don’t have to words yet to explain it fully yet. It seems my visit to the North has been interrupted by what is apparently a home coming in the Mediterranean. Odin still checks in every few days, I will see eagles flying above me. Today there was a raven sitting on a road sign as we sped down the highway, things slowed in my head as we drove by, the raven was clear in my sight. That was Himself saying He is with me. He is busy but I do not feel separated from Him like before. I saw two hawks, I believe one very well could have been a Peregrine Falcon. The other was that brownish-red like Golden Eagles have. It is Freya that I associate with those birds. I feel Her often when traveling out that direction which happens to be where we will more then likely be moving in the next six months. Poseidon has become a figure. A constant support. He is very comforting and warm and loving. He can also be a bit scary and abrupt. Go figure though, God of the Waters and all. King of Storms. I don’t quite have the words to explain what’s going on there yet either. Either way things are good but new and scary and it sometimes makes my head hurt.


Water, Owls and Stars

Absolutely love the name “water star”, gives me a reason associated with Himself for my love of Wednesday’s(outside of Odin), and owls. I thought the owls were Freyja’s but there was the nagging feeling that it wasn’t her alone.
I’m really loving my 3am wake up calls from my Divine Family. I have learnt something new pretty much the whole week.

In ancient China, Mercury was known as Chen Xing (辰星), the Hour Star. It was associated with the direction north and the phase of water in the Wu Xing.[109] Modern Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese cultures refer to the planet literally as the “water star” (水星), based on the Five elements.[110] Hindu mythology used the name Budha for Mercury, and this god was thought to preside over Wednesday.[111] The god Odin (or Woden) of Germanic paganism was associated with the planet Mercury and Wednesday.[112] The Maya may have represented Mercury as an owl (or possibly four owls; two for the morning aspect and two for the evening) that served as a messenger to the underworld.


My Lady

I was feeling very heartbroken the other day. I’d realized after posting on a group that I was a devotee of An Morrigan that She is no longer with me in that sense. If I call Her she still answers but She has told me that “the war is over” and I am no longer in need of Her “services”. She was most kind about it and I still care for Her deeply. It feels like a Mother and chick scenario, I’m being booted out of the nest after 15 years. While I was wallowing…well I suppose I was more pondering…this warm sense of love came over me and I realized the Lady had come to call. Freyja.

She’s not exactly what I expected. I had read so much about Her being a love Goddess and akin to Aphrodite. Physical beauty has never been something I’ve focused on overly much. She’s since said to me “Why can’t you be beautiful and strong?” and has chided me gently on practicing what I preach when it comes to beauty, the physical is not the only component.

So I must say goodbye to yet another entrenched part of my life and welcome a new part. She has been gentle with me and kind. I am very fond of Her already.

Hail to Our Lady.