Nothing Stays The Same

So it seems Poseidon IS here for His half of the year. It just so happens He decided to rip off the Poseidon face and use the Rudra/Shiva one instead.

My spiritual life is confusing as always. As usual I’ll explain when I can articulate it.

The Master

Uhm…so…there was a huge bombshell dropped in my spiritual life last night. I can’t quite put it into words right now but to quote the Mystery Man, “Poseidon lost the coin toss this year.”
So apparently I DON’T spend the next six months with my other Husband? I get “The Wolf God” instead? Poseidon is all sitting over in His castle, smiling all sweetly at me, “Have fun!”.
*so fucking confused*

Beltaine Begins 2016

As the sun sets, so it begins.
Wishing all who celebrate a most Blessed Beltaine.
When I awake tomorrow Hermes will be gone and I will be firmly in Poseidon’s possession.
May we remember that where there are endings, there are also beginnings.