A glimpse of my communion with the woods today. I’m really going to miss the creek when we move.


Marriage Rite

So I had planned my marriage rite to Poseidon for this Saturday. It’s the day after Beltain so I thought that was fitting. I was going to go down to the beach where I had spent so much of my youth and have a fire and offerings and possibly a dip in the ocean. It would take me a couple hours on transit to get to the beach which was going to be rough, especially with my arthritis flaring. I figured the sacrifice of time/energy would be fitting. 

As is usual time and dates completely slipped my mind and all of a sudden the second is the day after tomorrow. Outside of contacting a dear friend to accompany me to the beach and figuring out a few minor details I have nothing planned. Saturday is usually family day, I haven’t even mentioned to my mortal spouse that I wanted to day to myself. Now I have to work also so going to the beach is entirely out of the question.

Coincidentally enough the dogs I walk on Saturday are down by the Coquitlam River. This is the river I was spending so much time at last Summer/Fall and it is also the place where I met Poseidon. Up until I started spending so much time walking along the river I had no name for the Presence that had been trying to get me to Listen. So maybe it’s a better place to marry Him. I feel unworthy because almost nothing I had planned will be possible. I can still slip the bottle of wine I’ve been saving for an offering into my work bag. A candle can be brought and lit by the waters. I can whisper my vows and prayers.

Maybe it’s not so unworthy after all.


My King is patient, considerably more patient then I expected. My interactions with the all things relating to the Other Side have ramped up into high gear lately. My “mundane” life has been very busy as well so I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I need more time for both. I told Poseidon recently that I would accept His offer of Hospitality and stay at His home. I also told Him I would delve into this whole Queenship thing that He’s been dropping hints at. Who am I kidding He doesn’t exactly drop hints. I’ve dreamt twice in the last week or so of not being able to breathe. The first time I was on land, standing with someone and I slowly lost the ability to breath. I was BREATHING but no air was getting where it needed to be. The second time was just the other day and I don’t remember any other details beyond the feeling of breathing but getting no air and that it was dark. I have a hunch that He has been trying to show me around His Kingdom and my fear of water is getting in the way.I REALLY need some time to meditate for longer periods so I can push that fear back and actually go on some outings with Him. I find Him very kind and soft-spoken, which is not something I expected. His voice isn’t as deep as I expected it to be either. Way to go preconceived notions. I also told Him I would focus more on my studies as pertaining to Him, which I haven’t had the chance to do. I keep apologizing and He just keeps flashing His dazzling smile and reassuring me that it’s alright. After this weekend,which is Easter AND the 4th, I will have a bit more time to devote to Him. Poseidon has also mentioned an actual marriage and vows and such which is freaking me out a little. O_o

*Easter is very important to my spouse’s family, I need to do some work looking at it from the Hermes/Jesus perspective and the 4th of every month is Hermes’s Day, I try to do something just for Him on the 4th.

A Blending of Worlds

I was down at the Coquitlam River for the first time in a few months today. Had a nice walk and then sat in one of my favourite spots under the bridge for Lougheed Highway. I lit a candle and a stick of Nag Champa. It tooka couple tries to get the rock shelter right so the candle wouldn’t go out, there was a slight breeze. As I sat and meditated a small dark grey bird came over. I’ve seen this little bird before but still haven’t figured out what type it is. It looked like a perching bird but was bobbing about in the water like a duck, walking around in the shallows and even going under water and using its wings to propel itself short distances. It was eating little worms and tiny fish. Poseidon had come to stand behind where I was sitting. Hermes was there in voice only. Poseidon accepted my offerings of candle and incense and asked me to clean up some of the garbage as I left. This is to be a new Thing for me, cleaning shorelines when I am able. As I watched the bird, Hermes spoke and reassured me that there was no animosity between Himself and Poseidon and that just like the bird, the three of us would work on my travelling between and through the different Worlds. Also, during my walk, a black butterfly with an orange/white stripe on its wings flitted about me for a few minutes. It was a great day.

Turning Fear Into Love

I’m scared. Deep down inside. Accepting Poseidon and what He asks for involves me going Deep. Way down into the Deep.I will go because He asks it of me and He is right behind me, keeping me safe. The water though, it stifles me. The Cold takes my breath. Ignites the primal flight response in my brain. But They both say it will be okay. And I trust them, my chosen Love and my fated King. I may be scared but I am fighter, since I took my first breath of air 32 years ago, three months early. Apparently I’ve been fleeing the Waters since the beginning, hehe! I’m also exhilarated. Life is complicated.


To be carried with me wherever I go, at Poseidon’s request. It was one year ago that we went to Cuba and I collected these. I had some pretty intense experiences there that are starting to take on more significance now that Poseidon is a fixture. There will be blog posts eventually.



The Menfolk are confusing these days. Himself is still here-nothere, there are moments where I can almost feel Him and then poof! He’s gone. I’m thinking this may be part of His nature and I will have to suck it up and deal with it. Not too often though I hope. Blarg.

Odin says hello almost every day. This last week I even had the pleasure of seeing actual eagles. Most people associate Ravens with Him and while I do, I connect them more strongly with An Morrigan and Himself. I guess it’s more that Eagles are specific to Him while the other is shared. He’s been my rock this week…of two weeks? Things are pretty intense on the temporal front so yeah. His support is much appreciated.

I’ve also seen a couple of Herons, Great Blue Herons to be exact. Those I definitely associate with Himself and the whole liminal thing in general. I was prompted to pick up a small pot of crocus for Himself. Note the type in the photo. I see what you did there Mister.

Ares(*cough*Thor*cough*) is otherwise indisposed…ahem…it’s all the SisterWife’s fault.

Poseidon is back. Being very…Uhm…friendly. The rains are pretty intense here right now. Another “Pineapple Express” blowing through. It’s warm, 7-12C, and large volumes of rainfall. His closeness is unnerving but oh so comfy. This coming from someone terrified of open water, tsunami’s and earthquakes. I’ve always loved the water though. Either way, I ramble, I left out an offering of milk, honey and an Ambrosia apple (ha,ha…just realized that now). I asked for the storms to be gentle while I was out walking today. It barely rained. When I stepped off the train to finish the route home the skies OPENED and I got soaked but that’s alright. While I was thinking about the waters and Poseidon and such I told Whoever was listening that I would have to thank Them personally when I figured out exactly Who they were. A short while ago Poseidon showed up all like this. Oh hi…