So there is Someone prodding me to pay attention to Them. I may have mentioned before that Tolkien reads like history for me in the sense that it FEELS real. Not that I think I am any of the individual character’s. Thranduil caught my attention immediately. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read anything about him, I think it’s all movie stuff. Anyways, the beautiful creature that is the “real” Thranduil is making Himself known. He’s intoxicating. I thought it was Loki, but it’s not, but it is. Loki-not Loki. He seems very determined to have much more than a platonic friendship; I don’t mean that it’s sex He’s after, although He wouldn’t complain, but there is an intimacy that He seeks. Also He is most definitely one of the Good Neighbours, a Fae, an Elf. The kind I swore I would never interact with. Will keep you posted as things unfold.

My Wild King in Images

*all images from a Google search of “the wild hunt” and “dark hooded warrior”. None belong to me and I will not be making money off of them.   

All Encompassing 

My King has swept me away to His palace. *dreamy sighs*

When He returns it’s silent and slow. Before I even realize He is coming, He is here. And I am there. And we are One.